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@amilli0naire made me over for @manrepeller (it's up today on the site!) and I have to say I have no idea why it took me so long to get made over myself. It was so wonderful to have my style interpreted by such a talented young woman who instinctually understood my desire for evolution and reinvention. Never stop evolving. Never stop learning. Never think you have to be who you were yesterday. #Stacygetsstyled πŸ“·: @toryrust

So very proud of my friend Dr @ltmphd who was honored by Montefiore Hospital and The Albert Einstein College of Medicine for her amazing work in child psychology yesterday. This amazing, brilliant, stylish broad deserves so much credit for the work she has done on behalf of our city's children AND her work on the board of @ppact! Congrats!

To ALL Mothers... rg: @25park Happy #mothersday

Literally NOTHING (not even a healing spine) can keep me from my vintage @acurrentaffair! Big ups to my girl @gypsynationvintage and my pals at @amarcordvintage as well as all the other wonderful dealers here today. Come tomorrow from 12-6pm too!

For me, every piece of jewelry I own has some special significance: when I got it, where I got it, who gave it to me, the story and history behind it. This new addition is from @foxandbond. I chose two emeralds with a center opal. You get to customize the ring into something that means something to you, personally. They do 3 kinds of gold, 1, 3, or 5 stone settings and you choose the stones! Seems like a very appropriate time to post, considering Mother's Day and all the weddings and birthdays on the horizon. Plus, I love any ring you can stack, especially when you can design the stack yourself. But more importantly I love that each one of us gets to create our OWN story.

Literally the BEST thing about my next @meijerstores trip is using my @arloskye carry-on so that I can take pix of my outfits, pack, and charge my phone simultaneously.

She got wet even with her shark on.

Oh my, did this make me πŸ˜‚ rg: @alexipanos original art: @adamjk

In case you were wondering? These were my Met Gala faves. Not EXACTLY sure how they relate to Comme des Garcons or Rei Kawakubo but still, these ladies killed it for me.

True story tho. πŸ˜‚ Rg: @omrico

Amazing aura reading by @radianthuman_ @pioneerworks gala. Purple and blue. Look it up. πŸ˜‰PS as @radienthuman_ explained we can't actually "see" auras. My hands were resting on silver conductor plates which measure our electrical frequencies. She then assigns a color to represent them, much the way NASA does to illustrate Stars, galaxies, super novas, etc! Amazing stuff.

With @tk_wonder and @ciprianaquann @pioneerworks gala and could NOT be more inspired. Beautiful women inside and out who are revolutionizing fashion and the way we see it. Pioneer Works doesn't suck either. Thanks for the πŸ“·@nickonken! #nextgeneration

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