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Henry gets to go to nursery today👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 he is in the picture, just behind the two rascals in the front.... #familysundayisthebest

First day of "real" school for me in 14 years! It's all online through BYU-I, so I can go on a run and then check in without having to shower, which is 👌🏻. Here's to hoping I haven't forgotten Everything! 🤓

We didn't get a decent picture, and those little boys couldn't keep their hands off of each other, but the ballon race was pretty cool.
#hyrumjoshua #hannahlyn #brighamtodd #noahkingston #simonhigbee #henrybenjamin

#Hyrumjoshua gave his first talk today❤️ he did a great job and even managed to say the word "fart" from the pulpit. #winning

This, no matter where we are or what we are doing! 🙄🙈 #noahkingston #simonhigbee

Another #familysundayisthebest car selfie with sonic cup photo bombs. Hyrum made it to church too (strep throat kept the rest of us home), but he stayed after for fast offerings. I need to regroup my Sunday picture taking efforts!

Babes. All of them. ❤️

They found where the frogs hideout at our park. Now they wanna go give them all baths, everyday....THEY don't want to bathe everyday, but apparently the frogs do🐸🙄
#brighamtodd #noahkingston #simonhigbee #henrybenjamin

Half of us were too sick for church today, so no #familysundayisthebest picture got taken. This is on our way to the seminary fireside....( somehow I need to become a morning person by tomorrow!) And in case anyone was worried for my salvation, those sonic drinks are from Friday. didn't break the sabbath, but didn't clean out the car either🤷🏻‍♀️

My baby is in high school. It is so bittersweet! She was brave, but I totally cried! #hannahlyn (9th grade)

Seventh grade! #hyrumjoshua is in middle school.

#brighamtodd (4th) #noahkingston (1st), holdin down the elementary school together this year. Love them💙

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