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First Sunday hyrum gets to pass the sacrament #familysundayisthebest

It happened. He turned 1. I might cry just writing that! #henrybenjamin is just the best thing! His first year of life has been simultaneously the longest and shortest year of my life. But oh man, we love him so much!❤ ( I know his hair is 👌🏻, but I refuse to cut it, too sad)

And then there were two. #hannahlyn is so excited to have #hyrumjoshua at mutual with her, kind of.

#hyrumjoshua has the priesthood. I couldn't be more proud of who he is becoming.

My oldest boy is 12 today. That's kind of a big deal! We are so, so glad #hyrumjoshua was born! ❤him!!

Another birthday....#noahkingston is 6! He Still loves 🦁's (going on 4 years) he is so smart and kind. He loves to run and we all ❤️ him!

And so it begins.....#henrybenjamin

She's 14. #hannahlyn is 14. It seems impossible. I hope she knows how much we all adore her.

❤ them.....and my fingers are kind of creepy!

#simonhigbee is four! 💚🎈🎉

#henrybenjamin is 11 months old this morning!

They are 👌🏻. #familysundayisthebest
and Simon finally made a showing.

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