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Staci Castle  PERSONAL PAGE:@stacidcastle. Wife to @kevinjcastle. Mommy. 💙 Not shooting as often, but still have signed prints for those who still want them 🤪👇🏼

Okay, I thought I was ready for summer to be over, but now that it’s staying dark later, and getting dark earlier.... Mehhhhh.

Just over here floating on air cuz y’all were so sweet with all the birthday wishes yesterday! Thank you all so much for the love! And thanks to some of you for actually believing I’m 25. 😉😂 #25forlife

Photo: @the_lost_coast@the_lost_portraits

Hurray, I’m old! 😒😂🎈#itsmybirthday #istoppedcounting #im25forlife

Tired Thursday. Cuz I’m tired. And it’s Thursday. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #creativeaf
Ready AF for my camping trip with my fam for my birthday this weekend! First time using our new trailer! Yayyy! And thanks in advance to Auntie @sarahhhahaha for staying with our wild animals while we’re gone! We laahvv yewww. 💕

I’ve been modeling for like 3 years... and I’m pretty sure I’ve never, in the history of ever, done a hump day pic. So. Here. Or whatever. Happy hump day, from me and @tragicglamour. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

I did a new photo shoot (hurray!) but I don’t have the pics yet. I normally only post a selfie every 3 pics. But. Yolo. And @tragicglamour’s blue hair. So. Here’s another selfie. Hi. And stuff. 😎

“Maybe it’s not too late to learn how to love, and forget how to hate.” - @ozzyosbourne 🎶 #crazytrain

A pre-edited pic from my @mastodonrocks shoot for @rockabiliacom by @tragicglamour for your lovely #metalmonday! #asstodon 😂

Sat my Casper white ass in @tragicglamour’s cute little new chair today, and gave her lots of #RBF while she shot pics of my ears and face full of @metalmafiabodyjewelry! Here’s a #BTS that the babely @sicgrrl took. I’d call today a win! Love you girls! 🖤

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana? 🤪 #oldjokes

Shooting with my babes @sicgrrl and @tragicglamour again on Friday and I’m excited, so here’s a pic from the last time we we shot together. <—- Shot just autocorrected to shit. My phone knows my normal words I use well, but damn that woulda been bad! 😂

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