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Leaving the country 3 diff times within one year is no easy feat to accomplish. How do we do it? ...Stay tuned to the next episode of: My Littty Life w/ Bae #casualbrag #passportgoals

five years ago, I hugged this boy "goodbye for now," and sent him out to pursue a career with the United States Marine Corps. Most of you have witnessed the change in dynamic that flipped between then and now, and trust me, it's still funny to us too. But the distance changed the game and eventually has lead us to so much more. Moral of the story: date your best friend. Fall in love with your best friend and keep doing dumb shit with each other. 😜🥂

Butt first, EQUALITY

just couldn't keep me away from the bēstiē

Thankful to have you, when so many have given their asses to save ours ❤️💙

leaned over and told Ben, "eh I've seen bigger"

The truth is, I knew you would move somewhere someday, but I really don't think enough time in the same city could prevent the tears that I'm wiping from my face today. Nashville is gaining my best friend this week! It's been so amazing watching you grow into the responsible, driven, badass woman that you are today. You'll forever be my other half, from no matter where we live. Long distance ain't got nothin' on us 💖 #southernbelle #nashvillebound #soulsisters👭

London is dope. The Emirates Stadium is flawless. Watching Arsenal beat Man U live was incredible. Doing it all with my big brother = priceless.


Irish the Guinness in America tasted like the Guinness I was certified to pour today in Dublin. Another addition to why life abroad is way more amazing than what we're used to.

I may have graduated from a University last weekend, but nothing stopped me from GLOBETROTTING to U of Dublin

Shout out to the home owners, the girls that got diplomas and enough money to loan us a little something extra, should we ever need it. If it sounds like you then let me hear you repeat it, "oh you fancy, huh?"

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