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Imagine sitting in a meeting soaking up valuable content and inspiration and BOOM! You’re hit with an urge to take a leap in the moment.

Then, next thing you know the results show up quickly…it almost feels magical how instantly aligned you became.

With your faith high and your focus set on a positive intention, you manifest a goal instantly.

This is what happened for Jeramy at the Women’s Success Conference. It was his first time attending and he was so open to the information. With no resistance he tapped in and got major results right away.

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Happy Happy Friday!!! The world thrives off the inventions of dreamers who had the courage to share their imagination with others! People like Walt Disney fought through opposition to make his dream a reality! Whatever is stirring up on the canvas of your imagination needs to be created, so dream big then color the world with your creativity!

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I had such a great time meeting with clients Kim & Jeramy yesterday. What I love most about our meetings is getting to hear what my clients have been up to and how they are using our information and tools.
We were talking about the power of setting small goals in addition to big goals and Kim shared how she’s normally a big goal setter and decided to try writing a small goal with a tight deadline.
She applied this principle to a product that was earning only $3,000/month in a new store. She set a goal to double that amount in only 2 weeks.
_She wrote it in her journal the end result
_Created an affirmation and said it daily
_Got her team in agreement with the goal...
Then as ideas came to her, she took fast action.
Sales started popping up in her notifications... She showed gratitude for each one and they started multiplying!

By the end of the 2 weeks she had generated an extra $7800 in sales!
As you apply manifestation principles, stay consistent and do something are guaranteed great results.
It will work every time.
It’s really a simple process of writing in your journal, activating your intention with positive words and reaffirming your belief in manifesting the end result until it happens.
This is one of the reasons I created the Success Journal with 5 sections. So that you can take action weekly and get results.
Join our journaling revolution to manifest your big and small goals!
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Happy Happy Thursday!!! You cannot formulate the fabric of your life haphazardly, it must be on purpose! Every action must be measured so stir up the things you want to happen by speaking and acting accordingly because a good life is woven together with care!!! #quote #myownquotes #inspiration #motivation #success #business #entrepreneurlife #staciapierce #businesswomen #passionpreneur #creativepreneur #blogger #fashionblogger #creativeentrepreneur #womenpreneur

Happy Happy Wednesday!!! Gratitude does many things in your life! It shows a spirit of thanksgiving that can open doors of opportunity and bring creative solutions to the table! Stay humbled and thankful for what you have and where you're going because out of gratitude comes the ideas for abundance!!! #quote #myownquotes #inspiration #motivation #success #business #entrepreneurlife #staciapierce #businesswomen #passionpreneur #creativepreneur #blogger #fashionblogger #creativeentrepreneur #womenpreneur

In a world where we have the freedom to build a life and business of our dreams, it’s easy to wake up one day and realize that you’re in fact NOT in love with the dream you’ve manifested.

After hearing the concerns of many entrepreneurs, I felt a need center the focus of the Women’s Success Conference around FREEDOM this year. It’s about the Freedom to live the life of your dreams, the way you envisioned and intended…It’s about course correcting and planning the business path that makes you happy and fulfilled.

I’m excited that this theme is resonating so strong with everyone. Our conference attendance is at an all time high. We have a great group of people coming and more are registering daily!

This is where biz owners flock for real information, you know the stuff you can use right now.  And you have access for 3 days to experts that help you implement fast action steps for quick results.

Join us in Orlando and let’s talk about your business, your freedom to live your best life.
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Happy Happy Tuesday!!! Your expectation is about to reach manifestation if you catch this revelation! When you believe and expect breakthrough to happen at any moment, you stir up your faith and release everything to work in your favor! New relationships, opportunities and business will uncover and show up because you're primed and willing to receive it! Can't you feel it? Something BIG is about to HAPPEN!!! #quote #myownquotes #inspiration #motivation #success #business #entrepreneurlife #staciapierce #businesswomen #passionpreneur #creativepreneur #blogger #fashionblogger #creativeentrepreneur #womenpreneur

I’m feeling real good about my results from last week. It was truly a super week all because I up the ante with maxed out journaling efforts.
It all started with an idea to do a little experiment of what would happen if I took my journal with me everywhere I go and wrote down my intuitive thoughts, ideas and instructions for a week.

As it turned out, I got soooo much done and manifested so many great things! I really felt a shift from writing in the moment and taking action right away.
Many things aligned and connected to give me my best possible outcome! It was truly a great week!! _
I’m declaring this is the summer of breakthroughs! Join me in the journaling revolution to create your own breakthrough moments!
#letsgo #breakthrough #manifestmore #manifestnow #thesuccessjournal #staciasuccessjournal #lifecoach2women

Happy Motivational Monday!!! Sometimes you'll get an inner release to move on a witty idea! When that happens, take fast action because intuition can create revenue, opportunity and advancement! It only takes one idea or newfound invention to change your life so don't let it fade from the canvas of your mind! Move fast and always respect your intuition with action!!! #quote #myownquotes #inspiration #motivation #success #business #entrepreneurlife #staciapierce #businesswomen #womeninbusiness #creativepreneur #passionpreneurs #entrepreneurs #Intuition

Happy Father’s Day to my amazing Husband @drjamespierce , who is not only an extraordinary Dad to our children, but an incredible example to his spiritual sons and mentees around the world. His leadership, patience, boldness and steadfastness is always appreciated and we honor you honey!
I also want to honor the many fathers who are committed to caring for and leading their children everyday. Parenthood is a tough yet rewarding job and it is truly my pleasure to recognize and honor you on this special day!

I’ve been on the go a lot. Yet, I took the last couple of days to power through some projects, batch interviews and plan for upcoming events. I’ve gained so much momentum that I am actually thinking clearer and more creatively.

One of the ways that I keep momentum is sticking to my routines and adding in power boosting events like the Women’s Success Conference.
I shared my method with a client last year and she followed it to the T. She actually came to the conference so excited because for once she wasn’t worried what was happening in her biz while she was away refueling. She actually made more money while at the conference!
I know it’s summer and you’re thinking it’s break time, but it could really be BOOST time if you do the right things. _

For starters, Join us at the we’re ready to help! #staciasuccessconference #womensevents #lifecoach2women #bizmeetup #orlandoevents

Happy Happy Saturday!!! There's never a perfect time to make a change! When you focus on equipping yourself you better yourself and add value to your core! So today, I want you to become your best by choosing one thing to change and just start!!! #quote #myownquotes #inspiration #motivation #success #business #entrepreneurlife #staciapierce #businesswomen #womeninbusiness #creativepreneur #passionpreneurs #entrepreneurs #blogger #fashionblogger #fashionpreneur

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