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Stacey Pup  Restarted Instagram old one was Stacey_No_Like_Cotton no capitals XD page for animations and dog pictures :3

This may seem TRIGGERING but that was not my intention

I need to realize I don't have to try to be someone I'm not.. But for some reason it still isn't clear to me. Slert (Yep he is a friend of mine in a game called DogSim) has been helping me a lot lately and I appreciate that, Not everyday you can say: I had the best day of my life! But Slert gives me such a high throne (Is what I feel like he did) to where it boosts my ego little by little I have a weird personality but he can look past that.. He is my number one friend at the moment and frankly the only one who listens to me. If I could have one wish it would be to spend every second of my life with him :3 I put him on a throne and say: I want to be like him.. Because I have my flaws! If anything flaws give you personality I feel as though I have depression but no one else really notices it.. Slert is a true friend and I hope to speak with him. :3 Slert if you read this it's all true -///-

WIP on episode two of No Light

When I first reached level 200 :3

Slert is trying to offer Havoc his assistance but Havoc refuses cold heartedly

A very old animation of mine O3o

Havoc wants to clear her thoughts...Permanently

Y tho

It's snowing down here in Houston,Texas! My first time experiencing snow :3 Also snowing in Cypress,Texas!

This is Slert! He will come later on in the No Light series

Havoc the Boxer

I just got tired of complimenting myself so now I'm posting a pic of me ;-;

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