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Stab Magazine  A sophisticated men's interest magazine with an emphasis on high-performance surfing. @stab_style

Whether it’s through his performance on wheels or foam, Stab believes 14 year-old @oscarberry123 will be all over your radar in the coming years. Here he is yesterday, enjoying the perks of artificial reflection, at home on the New South Wales north coast. Vid: @blairjeffreysphotography

When we pulled up to Cloudbreak yesterday morning, clean up sets were washing out the lineup. "Tens and twos” was the consensus. @chippawilson, who has been sick all trip, went out for his first surf in three days. Within an hour he caught four of the best waves of the day. When he paddled back to the boat he looked at his imaginary wristwatch and said, “It’s time to take my antibiotics.” Photo: @woodygphoto // @vonubeer

With an element of mystery and starring all your favourites from the @visslasurf collective (that is; @brendongibbens, @ericgeiselman, @bryce__young, @gado_gadooo, and @camrichards), #pedrosbay is live on Stab Cinema and recommended viewing. Here's three of the film's opening rides to get you heated.

"Any time I’m at home surfing good waves and my friends have to go work and I’m left out there doing my job, I know that I’m the luckiest guy in the world. - Andy Irons, 2005. Revisit Stab's first ever interview with Andy on the day of his birth, via the link in bio. Photo: @brianbielmann

@surfcore2001 presents, Core Moments in Stab History. Episode Three / ✝️Issue 1 - The Angle of GOD✝️Genesis: In the beginning, on ancient print-media scrolls, tribal elders wrote the tale of our saviour, @tajamos, parting the seas on a Yamaha Jetski and ascending towards the heavens👏🏻Kept warm by his ceremonial gown (3/2 backzip billabong oscillator) Saint Teebs surfed for 2 days straight, performing countless double-grab miracles, baptising the heathen mortals on the shoulder. 🔥🚿
Watched over by the big beardy man in the sky, @dustin_humphrey, sacrificed himself and several wafer-thin webber blades to summon a new-age in surf media and a lit opening section to Fair Bits. 📸🚁To this day, devout followers still make a pilgrimage to the holy land, Yallingup, to hopefully see their corelord walk on water🙌🏻 #doublegrabrenaissance #corediciples #tribalelders #fairbits #oldtestament #coremomentsinasussmag #dadsthatrip #tribalelders #whipinsforoursins #jesuswearsabackzip #biblicallylit #tajburrowsbookofhotsurfing #jakepatterson #thesnake #theoriginalsin #iconic #riptwig

Whether @micleshred's decision to swing was premature, remember he was here and you were not. Newcastle, this weekend by @zacheath

"Even though the conditions are terrible here in SF for most of the year, when it’s on, it’s on; there is nowhere else I want to be." - @grant_ly

Why turn when going straight can be this appealing? @craig__anderson, from our twin fin experiment in Australia's west. @johnrespondek

Not today, CA. @grant_ly

“Injuries aren’t by chance in my experience,” @kellyslater told Stab. "I've been a bit off in a lot of areas in life. Hopefully, I can sort through a bunch of those in this time off." This time off is now looking to be four-to-six months. And will, in turn, take him out for (most likely) the remainder of the season. Photo: @1morephotography808

How refreshing it is to see the Jeffreys champ heading left in warm water! @filipetoledo, four rides, pre event, post head rinse, in the Maldives on a @sharpeyesurfboards twin with trailer. Vid: @baronisfilms

In an event stacked with ten point rides, shark sightings and boat intrusions, one man stood above the rest. @filipetoledo wins the 2017 @corona J-Bay Open. Photo: @pierretostee/@wsl

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