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While you’re here, take 40 secs to dig what @sealtooth’s doing to @garymcneillconcepts'eco-friendly submission for this year’s Electric Acid Surfboard Test. Flick the sound on for how fishing nets were turned into the two rudders that were later to be placed under duress by Dane’s back foot and see more via Stab Cinema and iTunes. // @coronaextra_au

Just one of many aerial antics that should convince you to hit the link in our bio and watch @mattmeola and’s new short, “Polylemma.” Video by @takeshelterprod

Everybody falls, just more so at La Graviere. Hit the link in our bio in case you missed Stab and @redbull_surfing’s latest No Contest Ep from behind the curtains in Europe and reinvigorate your CT spirit before Hawaii kicks off.

And now, a quick tutorial on how (not) to duck dive Chopes. “I could see guys scratching to get over it down the line but I was more focused on the wave ahead of me,” the man getting very tubed, @kerby_brown, tells Stab. "It all happened pretty quick. It wasn't until after I got in that I heard that happened. "There is so much water in them and they have no back [those waves]. You don't have much of a chance with a duck dive really. Getting sucked back on a set is probably one of the most dangerous situations to be in." Hit the link in our bio for the full story. Video by @polikromia

The young goofy who blew up our feeds this week with his aerial antics just backed it up with a few minutes of potent viewing. Hit the link in our bio to watch @reefheazlewood’s self titled melter, by @danscotttt

“Getting used to your equipment is key. The waves don’t always suit the same shape, but you’re more in tune with a board [you consistently ride], and in my opinion knowing how the board is going to respond is more important than a board suiting a wave.” @ilovetables on why he always rides the same shape. Hit the link in our bio for Noa’s full article. @volcomsurf

Indo trip on the cards? Here’s a one min guide on all you need to know about one of our favoured zones: Lances Left, HT’s, beers, and food. Hit the link in our bio for a full rundown @worldsurfaris

From the way back days of #156tricks to today, @ozzywrong has always been a fan of too-low tides and cunjevoy on rock. Film by @mallmic.

Nat’s Nat, and that’s that. @bahpat at Surf Ranch—all hail.

"I'm NOT going to rip on this thing!" @sealtooth whinged, after handling the "mellow outlined mini-glider with some Santa Barbara secret tricks up its sleeve" that @ryanlovelace so lovingly calls the Thick Lizzy. See, Dane don't log. Never has, probably never will. "They're not meant be maneuverable! You're meant to set your line and look stylish, and anytime I stand up on a wave, I just want to thrash." Hit the link in our bio to watch Dane’s attempts at nose riding this mid-length shaped for The Electric Acid Surfboard Test.

Flawless. Lord @asher_pacey, a perfect wave, ridden perfectly. Captured by @carlocoral, from the deep cuts from @logandulien’s @snapt3.

The air @reefheazlewood’s did in Hawaii today made the Stab Office give a collective “oh, woah...” Video by @happilystoked

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