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Pollen Alert!!! Sheesh😷

It's Young OG Day!!! @tyrikdixon_0

Wish my Nephew @tyrikdixon_0 a Happy Birthday!!! My dude been getting it in on the court his whole life and has blossomed into a future star. Stay focused Young OG and leave it all on the floor and victory will be yours!!!! 👑🏆💯🌐 #ProudUncle

Getting my mind, body, and soul ready for this trip soon...👳🐫🌞🔯

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My condolence goes out to these kids and adults that lost their lives in this mass shooting as a parent whose son attended school not too far away from the school this act of Terror happen steps need to be take so this don't happen again.

Police officers in Broward County can selectively enforce the law Kodak Black had a gun on social media they raided his house this kid had a gun on social media nothing happened after people called in.

Broward County needs to have its own School Police Department just like Miami-Dade schools. It would have been hard for this to happened in Miami-Dade it's on Police Department would have investigated this as well as officers would have been assigned to the school.

Broward County Parks are not secured my son plays baseball throughout the city of Broward County his home field is Miramar I've yet to see a police officer at the parks something we do very well in the City of Miami.

And finally the people of Florida need to stop our racist ways because this is killing our kids if a politician does not want to do anything about gun control then you should not be voting for him. A kid at 18 years old who cant I buy a drink at a bar should not be able to purchase an assault rifle plain and simple. Stop voting down party lines if you're white you don't want to vote for another white that's a Democrat because you think he's a n***** lover and you don't want to vote for the black even though you know he's better for the city-state just because he's black.
People saw something they said something nothing happened it's time to man up make changes.

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Tomorrow 9am. @cnnsotu

My 2 Angels 😁 @kadredixon and Bray Bray!!!!

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My son and I have built an empire to create generational wealth, but you must teach and prepare your daughters as well. Spend time with them, let them know they are valued, give them compliments so they don't have to look for that from others. Shower them with love, pray with them, teach them how to become independent and guide them. Show them the game so that no one could ever use them or manipulate them. My daughter and I are making power moves in 2018, there is No Limit. #FamilyBusiness #GenerationalWealth We can do it.. you can do it! @officialcymphonique #Family #WeAllWeGot

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新年快樂, Happy New Year!! 🎆🎇🌠 I love Chinese New Year because it gives me a second chance at a new year. And it just so happens all my dogs are second chance dogs. Gongxi gongxi gongxi ni ya - DOGS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🐾❤️🐾 #gongxigongxi #chinesenewyear #yearofthedog

@jbfam803 we ⚾🏆 #Teammates from 96 #Greenview 🇺🇸💯

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