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Shay Sharpe's Pink Wishes ™  SSPW, a 501(c)3 NPO that educates, advocates & grants wishes to young women affected by breast cancer. Shay is a 2X BC survivor dx @ ages 26 & 36.

People often give me this amazed shocked expression, when I tell them I won't have reconstruction nor will I wear prosthetics. But.. EVERY NOW and THEN, I run across a photo that reminds me I'm not alone. Thanks Beautiful. ♥️ ~ Madame President
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The cancer was in my left breast in 2004 and 2014. ~ Madame President
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Shay Sharpe's Pink Wishes is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that educates, advocates, mentors and grants wishes to young women and children who have been affected by breast cancer.
Shay Sharpe's Pink Wishes Inc.
P.O.Box 11763
Baltimore, Maryland 21206
754.444.PINK {7465}
Donations: www.PayPal.Me/SSPW
Facebook: Shay Sharpe's Pink Wishes
Twitter: ShaysPinkWishes
Instagram: SSPW
YouTube: Shay Sharpe's Pink Wishes

Even with no breasts, I am woman! ~ Madame President


😲 Were almost 60 days away! Are you ready? Do you have your ticket? This event sells out EVERY year!
Sunday, September 24th 2017. 6-10pm. Join us at Valley Mansion, for an Opulent Black Tie Fundraiser as we dine, dress up, dance, drink and donate! This will be a night of philanthropy you won't soon forget.
New supporters. Faithful supporters. Survivors. Cancer patients. Thrivers. Family. Friends. Foes who just want to be nosey. Couples. Girlfriend's. Boyfriends. #GirlTrip. Support Groups. Co-Survivors. We hope to see ALL of you there!
Donation $125. Tickets can not be purchased at the door, only via our website, ~ Madame President
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You're Beautiful! 💕

Huge hugs x kisses to the #SSPWU volunteers at Western High School in #Baltimore! The young women in the summer workshop bagged over 100 feminine hygiene bags for women in need.
They made sure every bag had a new pair underwear, pads, tampons, toothpaste, feminine wipes, hand sanitizer, soap, body wash, razors etc. This project was about so much more than just bagging items, the young women were in charge of the project in class, so it gave them the opportunity to learn and implement math skills, leadership & delegating skills, sorting, organizing, assembling, and artistic skills. *They have also learned and implemented fundraising skills on a past #SSPW project as they raised funds to help us grant #ChristmasWishes.
As always, whether food or product, we write a note or draw a picture on every bag that we give to those in need. (If you donated cash or product for this project, we made a bag from you too! 😉) As I gave away "girly" bags over the weekend, it made my heart smile to see the sweet messages and the heartfelt words of #encouragement written by the young women. It was so special! The young women at #westernhighschool asked amazing questions, remembered key details & stats from the video about homeless women and how they deal with their period, while living on the street. The video made some sad, some mad, but it made most of them feel #empowered. I heard them speaking about other ways to help women in need, they asked was I coming back this week because they wanted to bag more items and another girl pulled me to the side to ask my assistance with organizing an event for the #homeless, stating that she wanted to pay for the event out of her own pocket, because she has two jobs. Wow!

I teach, talk and interact with the #youngwomen at Western High School numerous times throughout the year, but I never think the girls are paying me any mind, so I was honored that some of the girls remembered me from last years summer workshop and called me by name. Awww! ☺️ Ms. Shay loves y'all! xoxo
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Thanks @compassionthatcompels! 💙

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