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Secret Space Program  "Could your planet polarize towards harmony in one fine, strong moment of inspiration? Yes my friends. It is not probable; but it is ever possible."Ra

COSMIC DISCLOSURE: SEASON 8, EPISODE 10: “HOPI AND ZUNI PROPHECIES" featuring Corey Goode, David Wilcock & special guest Clifford Mahooty •Corey: Can you explain a little bit about the Hopi prophecies of the first, second, third, fourth world, and why we're in the fourth?
•Clifford: Well, the first three were destroyed by things of nature, you know, like earth, wind, fire, earthquakes. And the last one was, of course, the flooding.

And so this is why we, as Pueblo people, survived in the Grand Canyon, and we've become sort of like the wards of the different insectoid people. This is what our history tells us. It's not something that was made up. It was not somebody who came from somewhere and gave us this information. It's part of our history and it's our system.
•Corey: How does the insect people tie into the fourth world and third world?
•Clifford: The way they describe it, I think that they were not only from the inner world, but I believe that they also, according to the teachings, they were from other off-world systems that they saw, which would fall in the same category as the Guardians and the Keepers of our Earth that saw this catastrophe.

And there was a reason for a lot of these clearances, so to speak.

You've got to clear the Earth of the bad things. And I think the same theory applies with the dinosaurs or the giants that to get rid of those things. (OPEN COMMENTS TO CONTINUE) #coreygoode #davidwilcock #secretspaceprogram #cosmicdisclosure #nativeamericans #zuni #flyingsaucer #orbs #giants #ufo #alien #extraterrestrial #honeycombearth #sspdisclosure

COSMIC DISCLOSURE: SEASON 8, EPISODE 10: HOPI AND ZUNI PROPHECIES WITH CLIFFORD MAHOOTY “Clifford Mahooty, a wisdom keeper for the Zuni Pueblo Tribe, continues to pass on information, kept by the indigenous cultures of American Southwest, so that future generations know the history of extraterrestrial contact on our planet. He relays Hopi and Zuni prophecies of the first through fourth worlds, explaining that we stand upon the end of the fourth world. Within the oral tradition of these cultures are tales of inner earth beings, advanced technology left by the sky people, and portals to other worlds. He brings these tales forward because the world is now prepared to hear them, and to ensure the longevity of the information for future generations. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast October 10, 2017.” (WATCH COSMIC DISCLOSURE AT: BLUEAVIANS.COM) #coreygoode #davidwilcock #secretspaceprogram #cosmicdisclosure #nativeamericans #zuni #hopi #ufo #alien #extraterrestrial #sspdisclosure

COSMIC DISCLOSURE: SEASON 8, EPISODE 9: “ZUNI DISCLOSURE" featuring Corey Goode, David Wilcock & special guest Clifford Mahooty •Clifford: The oral teachings teach you how to know about the history. There's many ways of approach to this.

First of all, it's the stories, the mythology, the teachings of mythology, sort of like Aesop's Fables. What's the meaning of the story?

Your mind starts looking at things in a picturesque way. And then you learn how to relate a lot of different ideas into your head, without even looking at pictures, just by word.

And as you get older, then they start introducing other historical events and also things that are sacred.
•David: What would the average Zuni who's been brought up on this feel about extraterrestrials and things like this?
•Clifford: Well, there's two things actually. One of them is that if you see orbs, or if you see things that represent like a fire in the sky, they take that as bad omens.
•David: Oh!
•Clifford: But if you take, for example, like an orb or a flying saucer-type things in the sky, then they say, “Well, those are the Keepers or the Guardians.”
•David: Really? •Clifford: They'd always been part of our history. You look back at, for example, in the petroglyphs, any petroglyphs that you find anywhere in the United States, is that you'll always find a reference to a flying saucer and also other activities that were related to the sky. So we knew about flying saucers. (OPEN COMMENTS TO CONTINUE) #coreygoode #davidwilcock #secretspaceprogram #cosmicdisclosure #nativeamericans #zuni #flyingsaucer #orbs #giants #ufo #alien #extraterrestrial #sspdisclosure

COSMIC DISCLOSURE: SEASON 8, EPISODE 9: ZUNI DISCLOSURE WITH CLIFFORD MAHOOTY “Clifford Mahooty, a wisdom keeper for the Zuni Pueblo Tribe of New Mexico joins David Wilcock and Corey Goode to discuss his tribe’s history with extraterrestrial civilizations. This information has been contained within their community for generations and includes interactions with the sky people, red haired giants, and sacred places with portals to other worlds. Corey confirms that these disclosures correlate with the things he has learned from his time in the secret space programs. Mahooty tells us that the time has come to talk about such things with the rest of the world so that we all can begin the process of healing, together. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast October 3, 2017.“ (WATCH COSMIC DISCLOSURE AT: BLUEAVIANS.COM) #coreygoode #davidwilcock #secretspaceprogram #cosmicdisclosure #nativeamericans #zuni #giants #ufo #alien #extraterrestrial #sspdisclosure

COSMIC DISCLOSURE: SEASON 8, EPISODE 8: VIEWER QUESTIONS 11: "PREPARING FOR ASCENSION" featuring Corey Goode & David Wilcock •David: Let's just hit the ground running here. First question we have is:
“Corey, what is your personal opinion of what the Ascension event will be?”
You and I have talked about this, and some of the things that you've been told are pretty different from what my own ideas or theories have been.
•Corey: Yes. Yeah, that's a good question. The way it's been explained to me, what's going to occur is that when this energy shift occurs, and we fully have the brunt of these cosmic energies interacting with our consciousness, we're going to undergo a consciousness Ascension more than anything in the beginning, that it's going to be a great leap in consciousness. Just the way we perceive everything is going to change.

Now, as a result of that, we start learning more about our co-creative consciousness. We learn how to manipulate matter. We learn how to . . . We gain the ability to read each other's minds, I guess, to communicate that way.

So a lot of wonderful changes do occur, but not in so much the twinkling of an eye, the way I've heard in many different religious beliefs.
•David: Well, we are also talking about a solar flash, though, right?
•Corey: Correct.
•David: So how would that factor in? (OPEN COMMENTS TO CONTINUE)
#coreygoode #davidwilcock #ascension #revelations #secretspaceprogram #cosmicdisclosure #ufo #alien #extraterrestrial #sspdisclosure

COSMIC DISCLOSURE: SEASON 8, EPISODE 7: "THE ASCENSION OF EARTH" featuring Corey Goode & David Wilcock •Corey: Well, I think what we would have to realize is that most of this is on us. You know, it's . . . Most of this is up to us. We can't be looking to angelic beings to come and save us or to assist us.
We really need to focus on being the change ourselves. •David: And what would that look like? If they're not helping us anymore, how would we steer the ship without them and get the outcome that we want?
•Corey: The steering is going to be done by a very small number of people here. A very small number of people can affect the timeline.

And the people that they're getting in contact with now, that they're going to appear to, that they're giving downloads to, to help them get to a point to where they're ready for open contact, those people are the people that are going to be the feet on the ground of the co-creative consciousness army, I guess you could say.
•David: So it's like we're going through our own graduation and stepping into a more active role than we've had before.
•Corey: Right. As a part of that graduation, we have to become the masters.
•David: Do you feel that there are going to be other events similar to this eclipse, where there will be yet additional sudden leaps forward? (OPEN COMMENTS TO CONTINUE) #coreygoode #davidwilcock #ascension #secretspaceprogram #cosmicdisclosure #ufo #alien #extraterrestrial #sspdisclosure

COSMIC DISCLOSURE: SEASON 8, EPISODE 6: VIEWER QUESTIONS 10: ASCENSION CONCERNS AND END TIMES MADNESS" featuring Corey Goode & David Wilcock •David: Okay. Next question. Here we go:
“I think I'm confused on the whole, being in regards to Service-to-Others. I notice I'm attracted to depressed and broken women. I always try to help them see the light, but they just never seem to be happy. “I'm currently in a relationship and she's very negative and drags my energy down. I try to make her happy, but it only lasts for a few minutes, and then she's right back to complaining about something else. “Is this something I should continue to do?”
And I guess he means, should I continue to be involved with her?
“Am I not getting the proper point of how to be of Service-to-Others?”
•Corey: Well, just because you're being Service-to-Others does not mean you have to be a doormat to anyone. A lot of people confuse that.

They think that you have to be, you know, just succumb to any attack and not fight back.

When it comes to . . . Ka'Aree, one of the big things that she had told me to work on – there were two things before I could progress spiritually any further, and it was outstanding issues on my marriage that we hadn't dealt with, and the other was to reconcile with my father, who I hadn't spoken to in six years.
•David: Wow! (OPEN COMMENTS TO CONTINUE) #coreygoode #davidwilcock #ascension #secretspaceprogram #cosmicdisclosure #ufo #alien #extraterrestrial #sspdisclosure

COSMIC DISCLOSURE: SEASON 8, EPISODE 6: VIEWER QUESTIONS 10: ASCENSION CONCERNS AND END TIMES MADNESS "Corey and David answer a new stack of questions posed by viewers concerning what ascension is really about, recognizing the signs that we are moving into a more positive timeline, and how differing narratives are confusing the process of disclosure. Plus, we get more details on the 20 and Back process, why we are seeing increasing social unrest, and why Blue Avians are appearing more often in an increasing number of people’s dreams. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast September 12, 2017."(WATCH COSMIC DISCLOSURE AT: BLUEAVIANS.COM) #coreygoode #davidwilcock #ascension #rapture #secretspaceprogram #cosmicdisclosure #ufo #alien #extraterrestrial #sspdisclosure

•Tompkins: I was in a meeting on the subject with some other people, and this one young lady said, “I've got one.” And, “You've got what?” [Whispering] “I've got one.” “Really?” “I have.” “I've got a picture of it.” “UFO?” “Yeah. A real picture of it.” “How'd you get that?” “Well, we were having a party Friday night in Oceanside, and Saturday morning we went – all eight of us – we went to that cul-de-sac off of Lake Boulevard” - it's right over at Carlsbad. Now Carlsbad is next to Oceanside, okay? So they're standing on the border between the two – to show the other three couples their new condo that's being built just across the area.

So everybody goes out there, and they're standing around this fence because it dropped off quite a bit and then came back up.

So they took the picture, one picture of this whole valley thing – not a picture like that [pointing up like to the sky], but just straight out.

And they developed the pictures, all the party pictures the night before, and then this.

You'll notice it's serrated on the sides and it's serrated on the top.

Look what's coming out of the back of it in color – five separate gases coming out of this Reptilian tanker, dropping five gases at 300 feet.

You're smoking their gas today, because they drop this gas only on technically advancing communities on the planet, okay, every four to six weeks. So you could be getting it today.

Not one – one, two, three, four, five, six. THEY DIDN'T SEE IT, because everybody's minds are controlled to not see it just like a stealth system.

So the commander of this squadron made sure that that stealth was turned on. He forgot to turn on the stealth that prevents a camera from photographing it. Okay?

So the reason you don't see these – they're flying all over us. There's hundreds of them. They're thousands of them every single day on your planet. They're dropping the gas. (OPEN COMMENTS TO CONTINUE)

COSMIC DISCLOSURE: SEASON 8, EPISODE 5: REMEMBERING WILLIAM TOMPKINS: DISRUPTING DRACO DOMINANCE "Corey and David take one last look at information released from the late William Tompkins, who spent the last years of his life disclosing clandestine programs to the public. In this final testimonial he reveals the long-term presence of the Draco, their implementation of mind control over us and the establishment of a galactic slave trade syndicate. These reptilian extraterrestrials have their claws dug deep into the ongoing enslavement of humanity and what Tompkins share validates Corey Goode's firsthand accounts of these nefarious beings. This discussion with David Wilcock and Corey Goode was originally webcast September 5, 2017."(WATCH COSMIC DISCLOSURE AT: BLUEAVIANS.COM) #coreygoode #davidwilcock #williamtompkins #secretspaceprogram #cosmicdisclosure #ufo #alien #extraterrestrial #sspdisclosure

FORGIVENESS AND UNDERSTANDING "If you can look at this soberly, and not demonize the people trapped in this group(Illuminati/Cabal), you are bravely following the teachings of Jesus and other great masters.

Forgiveness and understanding is the way through this -- not replaying the same old cycles of labeling others as sub-human monsters worthy only of death.

Once we understand that this group is very real, and that most of its members feel trapped and fear for their lives, the story becomes very different.

According to various insiders, there appear to be over a million people who are directly involved in this group in some way.

If some of them do want to come forward and stop the violence, they need to be given a chance.

I do feel there is a greater cosmic plan at work here. If we unilaterally dehumanize them as non-persons, then we will have failed that test.

This test is built into the ebb and flow of history itself. Nothing is random. There is a story written into history.

Every major event we go through is intelligently structured, for our own spiritual evolution -- and has its place within the Story.

It seems impossible to believe. It is most definitely a non-mainstream view -- but the evidence is overwhelming, and supported by the great religious traditions." - David Wilcock (READ ALL #secretspaceprogram #illuminati #911 #investigate911 #cabal #Davidwilcock #spirituality #forgiveness #jesus #forgive #weareone #4biddenknowledge #falseflag #extraterresrial #solarwarden #ufo #nasa #CosmicDisclosure #fulldisclosure #usarmy #usnavy #usairforce #usmarines #usmilitary #usveterans #SSPdisclosure

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