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[ssoftly] 소플리  Korean Handmade Jewellery Brand💕 It's time to be special Korea | Singapore

We are here at Millenia Walk 1F until this Wed💕 Dont miss the new collections~ 이틀남았어요! 많이 놀러와 주세요~~ @theexpatfairs #ssoftly

Next color of Floria necklace is blue! What color do you want next? :) 많이 기다리셨죠? 플로리아 목걸이 드디어 여러분 곁에 선보이게 되었어요💕

Customized earrings for one of ssoftly customer..💕 I am so happy with it. Gam sa ham ni da~ 고객님 요청으로 귀걸이 제작해드렸어요. 예쁘게 착용해주세요~💕 #이런게행복 #ssoftly

많은 문의 주셨던 Floria Necklace 제작되었어요~ 💕 Thank for loving ssoftly. Floria necklace is here :) We made three designs in this time. We are thinking of next color🙈

많이 문의주신 폼폼 귀걸이 업뎃 되었어요. 😊😊 Lomi pompom earrings are ready! Available limited stock. Dont miss it please💕

새로운 디자인이 매일매일❤️
Everyday new collection~

스와로브스키 진주로 제작된 진주 귀걸이에요. 별자리가 연상되지 않나요? Aquarius constellation Earrings💕 Visit our pop-up store at Orchard Central🤗

Happy Saturday💕 오차드센트럴에서 팝업스토어가 진행됩니다💕 We are here at Orchard Central 1F(in front of Uniclo). Please come down and say Annyeong to us🤗🤗
#surprise #ssoftly

귀여운 태슬귀걸이는 언제나 인기 디자인이에요💕

내일 만나요🤗
See you tomorrow💕


Let's have a change of scenery with a new phone case 🙈💕We used Swarovski pearl and lovely hexagon pendant😎DM please~~ #너무예쁜 #폰케이스

One of our customers asked us to design a birthday present for her best friend. We did and it was our pleasure to do so. Thank you for choosing ssoftly💕 생일축하합니다🎂🍰

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