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sskeen06  Wife to Marc 💕 Mommy to Mason and Emme ❤️

So proud of these guys! Wish i could have been there but not sure you could have carried me on your back like you did Emme @sharati !
It’s still so surreal to me that my younger sister is an Ovarian Cancer Survivor. I’m so glad she stuck to her guns about something not being right and kept having things checked out. My kids are lucky to have an auntie like her. Love you @sharati !

Picture day yesterday! She wanted a blow out (curls) like Mamas. 😍

Happy birthday to this guy! We love you and hope you have a great day watching football, listening to Mason talk about video games, drawing horses for Emme and taking care of your very pregnant wife! 😂

Love this SO much! I will be having a c section under General anesthesia because of my spinal fusion and neuro stimulator that is on my spine. It’s been hard to come to terms with this but I have. No matter what this baby will know he has loved and that his Mama worked damn hard to get him here☺️

This poor buddy has a scratched cornea and ulcer that’s formed on his eye 😩😭. But I’m loving these snuggles.

I have some really awesome and sweet coworkers that threw me a very very sweet shower! Thank you everyone at Bascomb Preschool!

I feel like I should document that I actually got dressed up today and as mason said “you actually put lipstick on?!” Also thanks @vj_dj for my awesome haircut!!!!!

Sweet Jameson is apparently a chunky monkey. The specialist says he’s 4lbs 5oz and I’m 30 weeks 😬. Mason and Emme were not big babies so we will see how much he weighs in a couple of weeks.

I need this shirt in my size! 🐔 🍟

So I debated about whether or not to post anything about this but it’s really been weighing on me. Mason came home from school today and told me he just had a “mediocre” day (yes, he said mediocre😂). He said a kid in class was making fun of him and another kid for having “different color skin then everyone else and they didn’t fit in” 😭😩 So I am putting this out there so that hopefully all of us parents can help teach our kids that it’s ok to have different color skin, or eyes, or hair, etc. but what really matters is that we treat each other with respect and kindness.
I was “made fun of” for my skin color too as a kid so this really hit home for me today.
#kindness #bekind

Sorry for the back to school spam! Emme did great and Mason told me “You can leave now. I know where to go” 🙄. AND this emotional pregnant Mama didn’t cry!

It stopped raining just in time for me to get this. Also they may have stopped traffic for me to get the shot. 😂

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