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💄💋Myrtho👑👠👗👠  DaughterOfAKing👸🏾Mum2beautifulchildren#KKkk A👦🏾👱🏽‍♀️👱🏾‍♀️👧🏾👧🏾Lover of all things💁🏾Kindspirit💋CreolegirlwitafiercefashionsenseBAPsychMSWwillfollow🇭🇹&🇨🇺

#WhenMansaysNoGODSAYSYES #wonthedoit🙌🏾 #halelujah #godisworkingmiraclesinmylife #Kaylaisalivingtestimony #Godisnotdonewithheryet If any of my friends or family don't believe that there is a GOD Kayla is her to show you WHO GOD is because when doctors said she had a 5% chance and gave her 48hrs I told them the devil is a lair and My daughter will be restored, renewed and GOD has the final say!!!! Look at GOD for those who don't know god please find him because if My family friend and I didn't believe and have faith in him my daughter would not be here today!!! HOLY what a mighty god we serve 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #he deserves all the glory and all the praise I will continue to give him praise for what he has done and for what he will continue to do🙏🏾 #continuetoprayforkayla

#HappySunday #WeareCovered #Kaylaiscoveredinthebloodofjesus #godisamazing #mydaughteriscomingalong The doctors here are so amazed at how God is moving in Kaylas room she followed commands this morning and the doctor said Kayla you are a Miracle🙌🏿🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 god is so amazingly wonderful #Lookatgod🙏🏾

Happy Friyay #proverbs19vs21 we may make a lot of plans but God ultimately does what he wants!🙏🏾🙏🏾 #umwaveringfaith #continueprayingforkayla #justiceforkayla

#JusticeforKayla #PrayforKayla please repost and call this could've been any of you guys children🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Lord I thank you for your undeserving love, grace and mercy. You are the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and Omega and without you we would not be anything. Kayla came out of surgery okay and all went well for those of you who don't know Kayla right and left bone flap(Skull) was taken out in order to save her life! Her right side was preserved in her stomach and her left had to be discarded 🙏🏾Today Our Almighty God allowed the surgeons to put her right side back in and her left side has an implant. She is now recovering and will continue to recover because GOD has the final say those bone flaps that the Doctors put back today is the bones that God spake life into Ezekiel 37vs4 and Kayla will be fully restored in the name of Jesus!!!! Thank you everyone family and friend and please continue to #Prayforkayla #justiceforKayla

#Goodmorning #morningdevotion My God is bigger and stronger than any Fear,he has the power over all creation. We have Faith in you heave power over all of our fears in Jesus Name Amen. As my daughter enters the operating room this morning may the almighty God and his Holy Spirit go before her and prepare all of the instruments that the Doctors will be using to put her skull back in her head may god be the hands the Doctors as they are operating on Kayla this morning. Ezekiel 37 vs 4- God asked the son of man can theses dry bones become living people and son of man replied You alone know the answer! God said speak to these bones and say I am going to breath into you and make you live again, I will put flesh and muscle on you and cover you with skin. I will put breath into you and you will come to life then you will know that I am GOD🙏🏾

#kayladoingpraiseandworshipatthechildrenservice🎤 #Crcg #KeepprayingforKayla The driver who hit her has no idea what he did to my baby girl. Every time I look at my daughter in that hospital bed I feel like I'm going to lose it 😪 my heart is tearing apart, my life has forever changed because of the drivers negligence, but I'm working and praying on forgiving him🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #Speedlimitis25mph please everyone adhere to it because at any given time someone life can be taken because of your speeding. #justiceforkayla

#goodmorninghappysunday🙏🏾 #Joshua1vs9 Be strong and of good courage;be not afraid, neither dismay: for the lord thy God is with thee wherever you go. #FaithdrivesoutFear #BestronghavecourageGodiswithyouatalltimes🙏🏾 #keeprayingforKayla🙏🏾 #unwaveringfaithingod

#Jan24th2017 This is what My daughter looked like after 2 brain surgeries, due to the horrific car accident when a car hit her and she flew 9 feet up in the air and she landed on his windshield and bounce off and hit the ground where she inquired sever traumatic brain injuries and a broken leg and fractured her other leg. The driver was speeding to beat a yellow light and stated he wanted to get home in the bad weather we had on Jan 23, and didn't see my baby girl Kayla crossing the street. While this man was not arrested or even giving a speeding ticket My daughter is lied up in the hospital room fighting for a second chance at living a full life and the driver is home with his family with no regards to my daughter and the hurt and pain he caused a whole family, and friends. People I asked that today and everyday let this picture remind you of Kayla and that speeding is not worth anybodies life or your life this could easily be you or your children, family and friends the speed limit is 25MPH please adhere to it I'm sharing this picture because I want everyone to see the seriousness of speeding and what the result is at the end!!! My daughter is 14 she just started the 9th grade and was super happy to be in the medical program at her school she wants to attend Harvard and become a NICU surgeon this is her dream and now because of one stupid mistake it might all be taken away from her😔 my heart breaks as I write this but I know what ever god has planned for her is far more greater than what she had or I had planned for her🙏🏿 Today and everyday lets all pledge to drive with caution and be mindful that what ever it is or where ever it is you need to be can wait and it's not worth you or anyone else's life! #speedlimitis25 #keepprayingforkayla🙏🏾 Ps: #Goodisworkingmiraclesinroom2019 #prayerschangesthings