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  pnw. adventures with my love @rmreid

sipping tea in the company of this sweet purring fellow. #saturdaystillness

mornings around here are only a little bit wild

my other valentine has seven extra toes. love my boy. 💜

my love ❤️ @rmreid

when you visit kittens with your 2 year old and your heart is still breaking from the loss of your dog. you bring a kitten home to add a little more light to the darkness. this little purr monster is bringing us so much joy.

nothing quite like the beauty of a sunset on a winter's night.
I've heard of this view for years and finally had the honor of seeing it in person. @pepperforest

pure joy is sitting in grandpa's firetruck.

grandpa's girl and her 'boggan.

we had a quiet time up north for most of the week. no internet, a wood fire and hearts full of memories. just me and the kids at grandma and grandpas and lots of snow.

fresh pot. hours spent in contemplation in this seat another lifetime ago prior to littles - in the midst of graduate school hell. now a moment shared with her buying books to help ease the pain of her shots and sharing the best ginger muffin.

@mojavebird thank you for the home away from home ❤️

pFriem. fries. the best chicken soup. the restaurant staff loved this image of my caring man @rmreid taking care of the kids while i finished dinner. sweet vacation memories. even if they were followed by changing a flat tire in the snow.