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Samantha Miller  Actress, Cinephile, Scorpio, INFJ, Pug Lover, Scandinavian-Obsessed, Eccentric 🎭 Lehigh Valley, PA

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Bubbs being a creeper in the dark the other Friday night when he was supposed to be sleeping. #nephew #creeper #funny

When it comes to chips and guac and salsa, my table manners fly out the window. If I hadn't been in public I would have licked the guac bowl #ontheborder #mexicanrestaurant #chipsandsalsa #guacamole

It was 80 degrees F today and there's still a mound of dirty ass snow in the Airport Rd shopping center parking lot. Wtf

Boyfriend's music room. Decorating is coming along nicely. #hippieroom #musicroom #artistsden #guitars

I still love you, Sweden. Now if it's adapted to be a dessert pizza, that's another story... 🍌
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When you cut enough inches off your hair that the weight lost enhances your curls. I can't stop playing with my curls now. #curlyhairdontcare

*Sits down with a pint of Coconut Chocolate Almond ice cream*
"I wanna try some!"
*Gives spoonful*
"I like that! I want my own."
*Puts scoop in bowl*
"Hey! This has coconut in it, you lied"
"You asked for it"
*Puts scoop back in pint*

That's Bubby #nephew #icecream #ridiculous

Seriously what the fuck, Japan? Love their craziness #tanuki #japan #japanesefolklore #raccoondog

Pug face! πŸ˜†
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Bubby is so ridiculous...had to make him a box helmet (not the first) and I dubbed him "Sephora Trooper" but here he was pretending to be something from Minecraft. I love when he occupies himself without a screen. #nephew #playtime #imagination

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