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Sriparna Gogoi  Helu, it's me

I am actually shocked at myself because not only did I choose to not delete the first picture, I also chose to post it online to prove a point about the importance of puberty.

Me trying to utter thank you to my professor wishing me a happy mid semester 'break'.

Just some snacks, roasting in the thar desert.

I don't know what I am doing. Please don't ask.

And to everyone that made last night what it eventually became
I love you and I hope, that every other phase in my life was as beautiful as this.

Thank you, to everyone who made it, in the journey between then and now.


If you don't recognize this song, it's a shame. You are my sunshine. And that's all that matters tonight. I love you. Happy birthday @tejasvini97

"lagta hain aaj, for a change, baarish padne wali hain".

I feel like I've been in Delhi forever. But it hasn't even been a month, so here's a picture of me trying to pull off my Vogue cover from July. 📸: @tiredunicorn

Hated rains all my adolescent existence only to have conflicted emotions about the same one fine day in the August of 2018.

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