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Julie Piatt  📙The Plantpower Way; Italia This Cheese Is Nuts! The Plantpower Way 💥 Divine Throughline Podcast 💜 Spiritual Guide, Songstress, Mother

Thank you Plantpower Meal Planner Tribe! 🌿🙏🌿 @richroll and I are so blown away by the response to our Plantpower Meal Planner and the huge impact you all are making in the world.💥💥💥💥💥 Eating plants is powerful action that is making a huge impact for good ! Check this out!
Together over the course of one year using The Plantpower Meal Planner, we have collectively accomplished the following:

We have cooked 250,000 plantbased meals!!!🌿 We have saved 69,000,000 gallons of water!!!!🐬🐠🐳 We have saved 1.9,000,000 acres of precious forest!!!🌲. That’s powerful change! And we are just getting started! We can’t wait to see the huge impacts we can make in the year ahead.
Please Let us help you make eating plant-based effortless. Click the link in my bio and use promo code: POWER30 for $30 off the year subscription good through June 30th.
Subscribing to this service costs less than $2 a week. You can customize recipes by ingredients including any allergies or foods you dislike. It’s awesome!
We all need inspiration and planning support. The Plantpower Meal Planner has over 2000 recipes, shopping lists and cooking videos to help you prepare tasty, healthy and compassionate meals.💥 Happy Anniversary to us all!
Peace + Plants + Namaste

We love you. Thank you ! .

My daily yoga practice has been my closest ally in all life experience. Blessed by its ability to open communication within, around and throughout my being it, plugs me into an expansive experience of life. If you want to practice with me, my JAI yoga foundational series is available on Vimeo. Find the link at - 🙏🌿🦋🌸#MayAllBeingsBeFree

Deeply feeling the pain of my fellow humans and my Mother Earth; My pain.
Feeling dismantled again and unsure of my step, realizing the limitations of the perspective I hold in this vast Universe.
May my voice unify. May my song unify. May my food unify.

I dedicate my life to action and my particular creative expressions to humanity and all life so we may remember our divinity.
But what is the highest action in moments of such suffering? It is this I am inquiring about.

Every challenge is at it’s core, a spiritual crisis.
Meditating and reflecting more deeply on how I can communicate deeper and truer. How I can love myself more and in turn share that love with all life?

I am guesting on The Rich Roll Podcast today. This conversation is from day 1 of @richroll and my #ThePlantpowerWay;Italia retreat this past May.
It's an offering on navigating challenges of life. I hope the conversation serves you in some way. Please take what resonates and leave the rest.

My Tribe.

You Bless me.

Thank you.
I love you.

Thank you.

I love you.

Thank you.

I love you.


Link in Bio.

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Here’s the smoothie I made for @localrose @shivarosebeauty today🌸 🌸🌸🌸🌸.
One young coconut meat+water
1 cup frozen strawberries
3 dates
1/2 teaspoon turmeric root
2 “ aloe vera meat (skin removed)
Blend it up! & Garnish with a peonie ( don’t eat the flower) but yes! smell the perfume 📸@leia_vita

So fun filming my first #lunchseries #divinethroughline podcast with the beautiful @shivarosebeauty @localrose 🌿🦋💗 Stay tuned for the entire conversation coming soon. Her book #wholebeauty on @artisan_books is truly divine. Check out my story for more! May love surround you today and always. 🙏💜

Meeting ourselves as our dearest love relationship in our lives- This was the focus of @richroll and my retreat @borgoiesolana this past week. We expanded our awareness of this relationship through yoga, food, song, tea ceremony, running, ritual, and sharing our deepest pains, desires, struggles and triumphs. To all that shared this week, I offer you my deepest recognition that you are divine. Thank you for sharing such profound and sacred moments of life with Rich and me. You all bless us. Watch my story for highlights! It’s a wrap! JAI!!!.
📸 @leia_vita

We’ve been having a blast celebrating our new cookbook, The Plantpower Way Italia in Italy on retreat this week. The food has been absolutely divine! Check out the chefs cooking out of the book ! Slide left ! All love from @RichRoll and me for @borgoiesolana @thehappypear @diegotosoni @veromenin .
📸@leia_vita @avery_books

Sweet singing after dinner tonight with my boys @tylerpiatt & @trapperpiatt -
“In The Sun” off my first album, Mother Of Mine. #SriMati
#theplantpowerwayitalia 💥.

So happy to be back at @borgoiesolana hosting #theplantpowerwayitalia 🇮🇹🌿❤️. .
Going deep into self love ❤️ With @richroll .

You guys rocked it! Thanks so much for the sincere engagement on my last post and for posting your questions. I filmed and recorded an hour talk that addressed many of your questions. Thank you for giving me the guidance and direction for topics of discussion. Stay tuned for the program release in the coming months. Until then, sending love and gratitude…. Filmed by @leia_vita at JAI House….

Hey tribe! I’m in the process of filming a one-day online retreat that you can join from the comforts of your own home anywhere on planet Earth. 🌎Would you please help me out and let me know how I can best support your journey? - Leave your questions in the comments below (or DM me if they’re personal). I’d love to answer your burning questions about love, life, parenting, relationships, nutrition , spirituality and whatever it is you’re dying to know. Deep gratitude & love 💗- this insane shot by the amazing @leia_vita ✨💥🌟

High Vibe Beauty!!!! This week on Divine Throughline Podcast , I invite you in on my intimate conversation with @capbeautydaily co-founder Kerrilyn Pamer. In the episode we talk about what beauty means in today’s landscape and how we can honor the biggest organ we have, our skin! We also share our experience around our father’s deaths and insight on learning to be better advocates for women and our own true hearts desires. Kerrilyn is a powerful force for all that’s beautiful. I’m so happy she is doing her work on planet Earth and showing us how high -vibrational beauty can be as we remain authentic, love ourselves above all, and celebrate our inner light. Plus, you won’t want to miss Kerrilyn’s new book! High Vibrational Beauty- available everywhere.
Subscribe on @itunes or listen @soundcloud .
Musical offering by Mr. John Pamer, @vonpamer Kerrilyn’s love...💗 Photo by: @leia_vita , produced by @hari.mathis
Doggies: Moses and Amma

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