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Astbhuja- by ਚੜ੍ਹਤ ਸਿੰਘ  Shakti of The Immortals

During sleep the soul-consciousness comes down to the throat or the navel center, and when a person is awake, the consciousness is at the eye-center. Therefore, if one makes an effort to withdraw his consciousness from the body, which is a practice for separating spirit from matter, the soul will easily leave the body in the early morning, because at that time the soul has just entered the pores of the body and can be easily withdrawn from them.
Besides, in the early morning hour there are usually no worries of the world to occupy our minds, and such a time is therefore better for concentration, which is not possible at other times because of worldly duties, etc. At the time of Elixir the mind is quite fresh and the day’s turmoils have not spread their tentacles over it. With the rising of the sun and the falling of its rays, our thoughts begin to scatter.
In the early morning hours a person is very near God. Concentration attained and meditation done at this time leave their impression on the day’s work. And whatever such a person does, he does with a concentrate mind. (Philosophy of the Masters, Book 1, 34-36)
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The Sanatan Shastras have described the early morning hours as auspicious and as God’s own time. The last three hours of night are known as the time of Elixir, for this pure and serene time was utilized for meditation by the ancient true Yogis and Saints. All times are good for meditation, and one should utilize whatever time suits them. But the morning time just before daybreak and evening time immediately after sunset are particularly beneficial, because these times unite night and day (dusk and dawn), and spiritual currents are particularly strong and powerful at such a time. The time of Elixir begins from three in the morning…The fruit of meditation done in the first part of the night is just like the budding of the trees, but meditation during the latter part of the night is like the tree bearing the ripe fruit. At this time, one gets the Grace of God.
- Sant Kirpal Singh
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People always ask me what made me change and it was learning about Amritvela and practicing the instructions of Guru Nanak -"During the ambrosial hours before dawn, chant the true name and contemplate God's glories." Although anytime we remember God is considered Amritvela, the last 3-4 hours of night before sunrise is considered to be the most auspicious time to meditate. The old Sanatan faith calls it "Brahm-mahoorat" the time to become one with Brahma. Muhammed in the Koran calls it "Alil-subhaa" Allah's morning, the blessing of Allah. Guru Nanak Dev ji calls it Amritvela- the time ambrosia showers the world. The Saints figured out that seasons affect us like all life on this planet mentally and physically. They also figured out that the times of the day affect us physically and mentally as well. I found this book online called "The Ambrosial Hour" which really motivated me. Here are some examples of what got me interested... "Arise in the midst of the night and commune with thy God. The ego will be crushed and things will be revealed to thee thou
did not know before and thy path in life will be made smooth. (Koran)
Death, so called, is a thing which makes men weep, and yet a third of life is passed in sleep. (Lord Byron)
 They say that if one's early morning hours are wasted in sleep,
one dies before living. (Sant Kirpal Singh)
The next few posts I will be sharing excerpts from "The time of elixir" by Sant Kirpal Singh
New batch of Lapis Malas coming soon.
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True listening is acting upon what we hear.
Singer: Shivpreet Singh
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Part 5: Smapti
I hope everyone enjoyed the series of hair-knowledge posts. I often get ppl questioning the importance of keeping uncut hair. I try to motivate all friends and family to not cut their children's hair and to let them make that decision as they grow older. We must educate ourselves and our children with this knowledge. We are instructed to comb our hair twice a day which means tying the damaalaa twice too. Keep it real!
📷 by @bfatehsingh
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Part 4:
Think of the story of Samson and Delilah in the Bible! He lost his strength when she cut his hair! Another example of the power of hair: To humiliate the conquered people of China, Genghis Khan made them cut their hair and wear bangs over the forehead! (Bangs cover the 3rd eye, inhibiting intuition and subtle knowledge.) Hair is a conductor of the body’s electromagnetic energy. Ever see how the antenna wire in an AM radio is coiled in a circle? That’s because of something called induction. Induction causes any conductor of electromagnetic energy to induce a current in adjacent conductors. This means that when you coil a conductor, the signal becomes much stronger. Hairs on top of the head act as antennae. They conduct energy into the body. Also, wearing the hair on top of the head protects the top of the head from sun and exposure, as well as channeling solar energy and improving vitamin D absorbtion. Yogis and Sikhs do not cut their hair, they coil or knot it on top of head on their solar center. In men the solar center is on top of the head at the front (anterior fontanel). Women have two solar centers: one is at the center of the crown chakra, the other is on top of the head towards the back (posterior fontanel). For both men and women, coiling or knotting the hair at the solar center channels one’s radiant energy and helps retain a spiritual focus.
- Dr. Birendra Kaur
Photo is of a group of women of punjab in early 1900's.
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Part 3:
As whole tribes or societies were conquered, cut hair became so prevalent that the importance of hair was lost after a few generations, hairstyles and fashion grew to be the focus.

The science of hair was one of the first technologies given by Yogi Bhajan when he came to America. “When the hair on your head is allowed to attain its full, mature length, then phosphorous, calcium, and vitamin D are all produced, and enter the lymphatic fluid, and eventually the spinal fluid through the two ducts on the top of the brain. This ionic change creates more efficient memory and leads to greater physical energy, improved stamina, and patience.” Yogi Bhajan explained that if you choose to cut your hair, you not only lose this extra energy and nourishment, but your body must then provide a great amount of vital energy and nutrients to continually re-grow the missing hair.
- Deva Kaur Khalsa
To be continued...
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Part 2:
In India, a Rishi is known as a wise one who coils his or her hair up on the crown of the head during the day to energize the brain cells, and then combs it down at night. A ‘rishi knot’ or 'joora' energizes your magnetic field (aura) and stimulates the pineal gland in the center of your brain. “This activation of your pineal results in a secretion that is central to the development of higher intellectual functioning, as well as higher spiritual perception.” -Yogi Bhajan

During the day, the hair absorbs solar energy, but at night it absorbs lunar energy. Keeping the hair up during the day and down at night aids in this process. Braiding your hair at night will help your electromagnetic field balance out from the day.
- Deva Kaur Khalsa
To be continued...
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Our hair fashions might be just a trend, but if we investigate, we may find that we have been depriving ourselves of one of the most valuable sources of energy for human vitality.” -Yogi Bhajan

Consider the possibility that the hair on your head is there to do more than just look good. Man is the only creature who grows longer hair on his head as he grows into adulthood. Left uncut, your hair will grow to a particular length and then stop all by itself at the correct length for you. From a yogic perspective, hair is an amazing gift of nature that can actually help raise the Kundalini energy (creative life force), which increases vitality, intuition, and tranquility.

Long ago people in many cultures didn’t cut their hair, because it was a part of who they were. There were no salons. Often, when people were conquered or enslaved, their hair was cut as a recognized sign of slavery. It was also understood that this would serve as punishment and decrease the power of those enslaved.

The bones in the forehead are porous and function to transmit light to the pineal gland, which affects brain activity, as well as thyroid and sexual hormones. Cutting bangs which cover the forehead impedes this process.

When Genghis Khan conquered China, he considered the Chinese to be a very wise, intelligent people who would not allow themselves to be subjugated. He therefore required all women in the country to cut their hair and wear bangs, because he knew this would serve to keep them timid and more easily controlled.
- Deva Kaur Khalsa be continued.
📷 taken by @sriastbhuja
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Whose speaking inside of us? When we feel guilty or sorry about something, what's that inner feeling? Maybe that's who we're looking for outside to make us feel good.
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ਖਾਸਗਨ ਦਰ ਪਆਏ ਗੁਰ ਗੋਬਿੰਦ ਸਿੰਘ।।
ਕੁਦਸੀ ਆਨ ਬਾਰਆਏ ਗੁਰ ਗੋਬਿੰਦ ਸਿੰਘ।।
Great men are at the feet of Guru Gobind Singh; the angels visit him for audience.
ਮੁਕਬਲ ਆਨ ਮਦਹ ਗੁਰ ਗੋਬਿੰਦ ਸਿੰਘ।।
ਜਾਨ ਉ ਦਿਲ ਰਾ ਰਾਹ ਗੁਰ ਗੋਬਿੰਦ ਸਿੰਘ।।
The fortunate ones admire Guru Gobind Singh; he knows every thing in our hearts.
- Ganjnama, Bhai Nand Lal
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ਸਤਿ ਕਰਿਤਾਰੁ ||
Sat Kartar
True Creator.
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