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Steph  Californian New Englander living in the Midwest. Curator. Dark Art & Craft. Digital Marketing. MBA Candidate. Nate🖤 What Hides Beneath.

Was so honored to receive some magnificent prints from one of my favorite contemporary artists, @djangonokes . Please take a moment to check out his work and revel in his breed of haunting, dark surrealism! #darkartists #darksurrealism #darkart

"So below" pendulum and claw by the talented @seawatters . Moving to Ohio was a pretty intense culture shock and I can't say I was anything resembling open or friendly for the first six months (let's be real it's still a little touch and go 😂 I'm sorry human socialization just isn't my thing ) In this time, Caitlin started her apprenticeship and was a total ray of sunshine, while diligently absorbing all around her and being a patient treasure. Shes been slaying the tattoo component of her apprenticeship for the last year(ish) and is one of my favorite people and it's an honor to work with her and wear her work. If you don't follow this talented gorgeous sunshine you're fucking up unfuck it now. #614artists

Here's another from the Boann series. Thanks again to @opvlslvte for exploring the woods together and @tessandrews12 for modeling! #614artists #onlyincbus

Well, we finally did it. The first @whathidesbeneath zine has been printed. This one features Richard Chase, Lizzie Borden, HH Holmes, and my favorite villain, Albert Fish. I'll be sending out preorders Friday, let me know if you're interested in the next round that will be printed next week. All of our profits will be donated to @raicestexas . Illustrations by @revoltingworship

"Boann." Muse and model @tessandrews12 .The shadows were giving me serious Argento / Suspiria vibes so I went with it 😜 Would love to take more of these this summer - let me know if you're willing to hide under a cloak 🖤Thanks to @opvlslvte for extra motivating and adventuring on a 95 degree day

At this moment, @hvntergvtherer 's newest collection Iron Age is making its debut at @blackoaktattoo . This look book says it all. Go swing by her insta and snag some of her wearables before they're gone! #ironage #hvntergvtherer Look book design @ileensan Photography @fotodemateo Model @thedollyfox Words @ladyleslie Styling @logordon_

The long search is finally complete. A vegan leather fanny pack big enough for my kindle and other necessities. Sairad fannypack and Reta shorts by @helvakofficial . Pardon the floof particle.

The Isadore incense from @ritualcravt is hands down my favorite scent, ever. Also, a welcome compliment to Book 20: Veneficium (Magic, witchcraft and the poison path) by Daniel Schulke. Thank you again Missy for selecting this scent for me I will be eternally grateful forever! #bookstagram

Every spare afternoon is spent getting sunburned and exploring with this Death Metal Dog dad and fur creature. It's pretty cool.

"Myself and I" by @magpie.rodgers . Go on over to @darkartandcraft to read a brief interview with her about frogs, her inspirations and more! #darkartist #darksurrealism

Last time I had a break between terms, I read 7 books. We will see what happens after next week 🤷‍♀️. Book 19 - Explosive Growth. #bookstagram

Check out this IRON AGE lookbook teaser, a new collection by @hvntergvtherer debuting June 30th at @blackoaktattoo . (Design by @ileensan model @thedollyfox stylist @logordon_ ) Swing by her profile and snag something from her @indiegogo . Hope to be there and see this in person 😍 #hvntergatherer #ironage #chicagoart #ss2018 #blackoaktattoo

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