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Louise  U.K. Blogger, Vlogger and home educating Mama to Mabel, Greta and Ernest. 3 under 4 survivor 💪🏻 Photographing the good bits and writing about the rest


How could you resist this kid with his t shirt covered in strawberry juice and his crazy whispy toddler hair that doesn’t know whether it wants to curl or not and his huge cheeky grin? He’s spent most of the day playing with his trains and shouting ‘CHEEEEEKY BANANA!’ For reasons unknown to the rest of us. He’s going to be 2 in a month. I’m not ready. #ErnestJohn

This is the pose Greta thought she’d do when she saw I had the camera on her 😂 I love that little loon ❤️ I was utterly convinced it was going to be freezing today so I bundled everyone up in thermals, snow boots, the lot! 20 minutes in they’d all stripped down to their under crackers 😳🙈 Absolutely beauuuuuuutiful day today ☀️👌🏻
#GretaHelen #anaturalchildhood

Little guy, big forest. Today was a good day 😊 #anaturalchildhood #wildandfreechildren #iphoneography

Those leaves. That jumper. This kid. ❤️❤️❤️
#anaturalchildhood #ErnestJohn

I’m putting my big girl pants on today and we’re off out to meet some new friends 😊 But first.... allllll the coffee 😴🤧☕️☕️ #MabelPatricia

Posting one of my favourite photos from the weekend to cheer me up because I have a cold and bedtime took about 600 hours and I may have lost my rag and shouted a little bit 🙁 Isn’t it frustrating when you love them so much you just want to be perfect for them but you aren’t actually a robot you are a human who gets sick and has bad moods and forgets to count to 10 before reacting sometimes? Meh. Funny thing is when I’m feeling less sorry for myself and more rational I’ll be able to put all this into perspective and remember that I’m trying my best and they seem to be doing ok so far I suppose... poorly tired Louise isn’t very rational though 🤷🏼‍♀️ #GretaHelen #anaturalchildhood

I have a cold this morning which is making me dread the day ahead a little bit. What do homeschoolers do when we’re ill? We struggle, that’s what we do. But this little bobble head just climbed into my bed and said ‘Mummy cuggle!’ so it’s not all bad 😍 #ErnestJohn

We’ve been to our home ed group adventure playground meet up for our prescribed dose of socialisation today. Don’t forget to socialise your kids folks, it’s really important 😜😂 #homeschoolerjokes #butwhataboutsocialisation 🤦🏼‍♀️ #homeeducation #MabelPatricia

Bye bye October 👋🏻 What a bloody lovely month that was! 🍁🎃🍂🕸#threelittleblueberries #anaturalchildhood #homeeducation

Oooh it was a bit chilly today eh? ❄️ I hate to say it but it’s getting me excited for Christmas already! 🙊 #MabelPatricia #anaturalchildhood

Is there a better simple pleasure than having a giant leaf fight with your brother and sister? Ok, Carl and I might have joined in too just a little bit 😜 #GretaHelen #anaturalchildhood #wildandfreechildren

When we leaf fight, we go all in 😂🍂🍁🍂🍁
#anaturalchildhood #threelittleblueberries

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