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Uni Ross  501 (c)(3) tax deductible non-profit org. Wildlife Rescue & Sanctuary for squirrels, flying squirrels, other rodents, opossums & more.

Yep! Couldn't resist sharing this cute from animaltees.net

Quickie, cheap, no-sew hammock/hanging bed for rehabbers. All parts reusable after the cloth is destroyed, simply replace the blanket/blankets.

You need (pics included): 2 fleece blankets ($2.50 each at Walmart)
4 stainless split key rings
4 swivel snap clips
4 stainless steel hose clamps at least 11/16" - 1 1/2" * Fold blanket twice (makes 4 layers)
* Put snap clip on split ring
* Pull one corner of folded blanket through the split ring and fold over
* Pull snap clips and split ring through hose clamp, pass the split ring and screw clamp tight.
* Do all 4 corners the same.
* Put 2nd blanket in the middle between 2 layers and hang.
* When blanket is destroyed simply unscrew the hose clamps, and replace the blankets.

TIP: Put in pillow case to wash!

Little, tiny cat caught punkin' butt! She's on day 3 of antibiotics and the little puncture has closed up. Her name is Adly. 😍 Now to find her litter mates so she can release!

I picked up this kid yesterday, and other than a minor scrape on his nose, and a bleeding toenail he's fine. He was in a trap for an extended period and noone could get him out. He ate good last night, he'll eat good this afternoon and go free tonight! #awesomepossum

I've been trying to hold off taking babies, but the one had a cow milk meal while cold and dehydrated, so I caved. Meet Aya, and I'll get her straight. She very active and alert, but stomach issues not doubt on the way in combination with already being very small for her age.

It's that time again folks. Formula, rodent block and rabbit pellets It anyone can help that would be great! Paypal is unikorngrrl@yahoo.com

Regrann from @fourwandswildlife - Pollard goes to Cornell University's Veterinary College on April 23rd to begin his treatment. If you can help or share, we would be so grateful! I'm terribly nervous but without treatment, the outcome would not be good. Please please share if you can! . 🙏❤️ #squirrels #squirrellife #squirrelsofinstagram #squirrellove #squirrelsofig #wildliferehab #wildliferehabilitation #greysquirrel #greysquirrels #easterngreysquirrel #wildlife #ilovesquirrels #vermont #fightlikeasquirrel #donationsneeded #nonprofit #charity @cornellvet - #regrann


I just found out about this baby. They total says the goal is met, but fees and other things weren't considered (that gofundme type stuff is hard to guesstimate and grasp) so they could still use a little help if anyone is willing and able. It takes a village!
Regrann from @tumbleweedsquirrelly - Sharing this go fund me for a very sick little girl. Link to the go fund me page is in my bio. She just had surgery but she needs another one this Friday. - #regrann

Regrann from @tumbleweedsquirrelly - It is now officially the last minute! Last time I'll be bothering your feed with this. Sale ends tomorrow at midnight (3/28 midnight eastern time)!
Tumbleweed t-shirts for Tumbleweed fans. Buy one and be one! Or you can just donate and be a part. Join us in supporting places of refuge for other creatures like him. Ones that are lucky enough to fall into the right hands, and get a chance to experience life and a loving human experience. They are indeed the special ones~
There are two different picture options for the shirts.  Link to the color photo shirt is in my bio.  The link for the black and white photo shirt is in @aintlulu bio. You can also use either link to donate without having to buy a shirt. Between the two, we've raised close to $600!
Thank you, thank you, and thank you~

Love always, 
Tumbleweed's mommy

#squirrelsofig #squirrellife #tumbleweed #teamtumbleweed - #regrann

It's that time of year again... 🙄

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