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Alex / Squidub  📧: alexandra.schihl@hotmail.com 🐭Chinchilla acc: @Jude_Niko_Percy ❤️ IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO USE MY ART, THAT IS FINE, AS LONG AS CREDIT IS GIVEN TO ME❤️


@puni_maru animal donut base!
Same rules as the last one:
You can use this as much as you like, but do NOT remove my username at the top. Tag me if you'd like on your creation!
Full image here:
PSD version here:
#base #lines #squishybase #squishydesign #punimaru #animaldonut #squishy @cheeki_punimaru @pastel_tulips_

@budsies -
I've purchased 4 plushies from this company of the main characters in our novel! We need one last one to complete the Unity!
I think Spawndie came out alright! Pretty much everything is right on him except for his tail end. ❤️
#budsies #spawndie #dragon #plush #plushy #plushies #cute #kawaii #thebooksoftyme #spawny

Edit: Y'all, thanks for your support! I appreciate every single one of you!
Aaah, it's me. Updated. I'm gonna say now, if you saw me in real life, this is a spitting image of me.
I seem all happy go lucky on here, but let's be real for a sec. In real life, I'm a big ball of depression and anxiety. I got big ol' bags under my eyes, stretch marks literally everywhere, pink eyes cos I cry so much, pink af cheeks, and i'm just tubby all round. I leave the house only to go shopping, and otherwise I stay indoors 24/7. I get really sick if I'm too hot. I like the freezing cold. I'm SUPER insecure so this is more than likely the only way you'll see 'me'. Drawing form.
That ain't a bad thing tho. Just want to let you know who the 'real' Squid is!
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Made a little base for yummiidonuts! This is just for people that want to create their own donut design for fun, or even print and colour in mock-ups for deco's so you know how they will look! If you are interested in downloading the image to your computer, you can download it here:
PSD version: http://sta.sh/019ohuhj1vl1
Please do tag me in anything you make! I'd love to see your creation!
#creamiicandydonut #creamiicandy #yummiidonut #yummiibeardonut #base #lines @creamiicandy

Ok, ok. This is my new mascot!
Her name is Dumpling, or 'Dum' for short! She's a tubby axolotl, and her gills move according to mood - For example, if she's sad, her gills would droop down. If she's happy they would be spread more upwards! (She can be out of water just for art sake. I don't want to always draw her in water or something 😂)
#art #mascot #axolotl #cute #kawaii

From paper to skin!
@injured_songbird thank you so much again for allowing me to commission you for this! It turned out perfectly! ❤️ The only thing that the tattoo artist changed were the size/style of the flowers.
We're all healed now, so no more bumpy, itchiness.
#tattoo #art #commission #skull #animalskull #taxidermy #animals #cow

My little wish list!
Looking for all of these squishies (when they come out haha)
@creamiicandy mini marshmelli boy and girl, and jumbo girl marshmelli
@patpatzoo all mini pop pop sheep
@puni_maru Jumbo kiwi and jumbo papaya
@psweetsquishy girl deer gelato
If anyone can get me these also, I have some stuff to trade for! Like jumbo lemon, easter sheep, other squishies etc! This is just a list for me to check off though. c:

"Hi, I'm Yummiimermaid, and welcome to my crib!" 😂
Saw @creamiicandy post a picture of a yummiimermaid and the shell so I decided to doodle something!
@yummiibear #yummiibear #yummiimermaid #yummiishell #seashell #mascot #art #artist #artwork #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #art🎨 #cute #kawaii #squishy @pastel_tulips_

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