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SQUIDTANK  Shaun Campbell - 2D/3D artist based in Brisbane, Australia

A little piece I've been playing around with after work the last few nights. Pencils and the smudge tool in @Procreate.

Another #drawthisinyourstyle piece, this time of fellow #Brisbane #artist, @shilohillustration 's character. Shiloh pumps out heaps of awesome critters, you should definitely check him out if you haven't already! I also got to try out the new #liquify effect in @Procreate for the reflection, lots of fun! 😊

I couldn’t pass up the chance to draw @maxgrecke ‘s character for the #drawthisinyourstyle craze that’s sweeping Instagram this week ☺️🍔

Another Procreate sketch that went a bit further than planned. I’m really enjoying the feel of drawing on the iPad, but still feels slower than my Photoshop/PC combo, which I think comes down to the hidden UI/no keyboard shortcuts on the iPad. Still heaps of fun though!

I got a bit carried away with #JackSparrow sketch whilst watching #PiratesOfTheCaribbean last night. Done in @Procreate (that app is too much fun!)

This is the latest #Energex box I've painted for @urban_smart_projects . I had a heap of fun with this one and loved having a chat with everyone that stopped to say hi, Thanks to everyone for being so nice, made the icy mornings much more bearable 😊

I had a heap of fun sculpting up this guy based off a concept by @helloluigi , as part of the @3dcharacterworkshop course. Sculpted in #ZBrush, render in #Blender. 😊

This was a mural proposal I put in to the council late last year. It didn't make it through unfortunately, it would have been a fun one to paint!

I finished off another box last night. Happy with how it turned out but fighting against the rain for 5 days wasn't much fun. Stoked to have more bees buzzing around #NewFarm 😊🐝It was great to get out and paint those boxes, nice to meet a bunch of friendly faces, but I'm just as happy to be back inside on the PC now 🤓

Had a heap of fun painting this Energex box during the week, thanks to @vellacampbell for helping out and to everyone who stopped by to say hi. 50+ hrs all up 😴😴

I got to see my acupuncturist wearing my design around today, first time I'd seen it in the flesh. If you wanna check it out, head along and see Greg at NRCHI Bodywork at Ashgrove 😊 #Brisbane

Hard to believe January has already flown by, figured I better get at least one piece finished before we hit February.

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