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With the first day of fall just around the corner and Labor Day long in the rear view mirror, we decided to round up our favorite customers for a new season. Introducing #SquarespacePicks: everything you need to get rejuvenated this autumn, whether for work, school or pleasure. Fittingly enough, we’re kicking things off with @alissabell – a “studio for life’s important moments.” From the Essential Four notebooks (pictured here) to envelopes to memo boxes, you’ll be in stationery heaven. Link in bio. #Squarespace #TheEssentialistCollection

Sunday scaries? We’ve got the cure: the first six episodes of #CastingCallShow, America’s reality podcast sensation produced in partnership with #Gimlet Creative. You’ll listen, you’ll laugh, and you might just shed a tear (or a few...) – tap the link in our bio to download now. #Squarespace @gimletmedia @applepodcasts

It’s-almost-officially-fall colors courtesy of artist and customer @furrylittlepeach. Catch her #Squarespace VALUES video – as well as the rest of our first-ever original YouTube series – by hitting the link in our profile.

“It’s one of those talents I didn’t know was truly there until it started to manifest itself in every aspect of my life,” says #Squarespace customer Gracie J of @theeditorialnail, in conversation with @designmilk. “People started to take an interest in my nails, asking where I was getting them done and inviting me to come work on set for photoshoots.” For more about Gracie’s story – and her advice for creating the best portfolio possible – tap the link in our profile.

The first episodes of #CastingCallShow are HERE. Over 5,000 entries. Three finalists. And one podcast that will win it all. Hit that link in our bio to download and listen to the first 6 installments of America’s reality podcast sensation, produced with @gimletmedia and hosted by Jonathan Goldstein. #Squarespace #Gimlet

Commissioned to paint a mural on the side of a refugee hostel in his hometown of London, #Squarespace customer @markmcclure opted for bold shapes and colors that have come to define his artistic work. With a background in visual design and a history of working hand-in-hand with architects, designers and a variety of organizations, Mark has created works that reflect “the structural nature of the spaces they inhabit.” His bold, geometric art can be found in spaces both private and public, including his Squarespace site. #ShareIt #MakeIt

Mondays, right?
@benzank has an eye for the unusual. The NYC-based photographer specializes in the surreal: faceless bodies, contorted in settings ranging from a roadside ditch to a playground slide, shot with detachment and playful absurdity alike. When asked if he has a favorite photo, Ben says, “Yes – the one I’m about to make.” A #Squarespace customer since 2014, tap the link in our bio to browse more work on his site.

With #Squarespace Email Campaigns – as well as search engine optimization, social integration and customer engagement tools – it’s now even easier to share all the great things you’re working on. Dream it, name it, build it, sell it, grow it and share it – seamlessly, as part of our #AllInOne platform. #ShareIt #MakeIt

“My goal has always been to constantly evolve, and I found I had very little control over showing my growth and evolution on my websites because it was too difficult to switch out content,” says woodworker and customer @jorybrigham_design in conversation with @designmilk. “Now I have two websites for both my businesses that I can easily change as I see necessary. Squarespace makes it possible to connect with my customers in a way that I have control over.” Read the full interview with Jory via the link in our bio. #Squarespace #DesignMilk #BuildIt #GrowIt #MakeIt

@mezcouting offers intimate and customizable mezcal, artisan and gastronomic outings in Oaxaca, Mexico. Working directly with traditional mezcal producers, local cooks and makers, #Mezcouting provides “a unique experience at the source of traditional mezcal and its surrounding gastronomy and craftsmanship.” Learn about their experiences, cooking classes and more via their #Squarespace site – link in bio. (📸: @gentlandhyers) #GrowIt #MakeIt

Analyze. Optimize. Grow.
With #Squarespace Analytics, gain insights about site visitors and behavior from a single, streamlined interface in order to strategically grow your business. Unique visitors? Conversion rates? Popular content? Day-by-day revenue? All these metrics are available – and more. Tap the link in our bio for a rundown on analytics and other helpful tools for growing your brand. #AllInOne #GrowIt #MakeIt

Physically back in the office, mentally back enjoying #LDW. (📸: #Squarespace customer @bradenkopf)

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