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sina ♪ | ‘02  🎥: Sina Lxra 👻: sxnxdirectioner ••• m&m reposted my cover ✨


maailman laidalla, susta kaukana
piirrän hiekkaan sun nimen 🥀
@isacelliot #isacelliot
#joliglowgirl 11.03.

happy birthday to my fav lil twins from norway who are actually not that small anymore!! hope you guys have an amazing day and see you in 6 days!!
i’m so thankful for everything. and i’m so proud to be in this family. the #mmfamily .
you can be so amazingly proud of yourselves, you did such an amazing job in the last months. omg. you’re growing up so fast- even though i’m still 16 days older than you AHAHAH.
anyways, i hope you celebrate this day in an unforgettable way!!
@marcusandmartinus #marcusandmartinus #happy16thbirthday #happybirthdaymarcusandmartinus #happy16thbirthdaymarcusandmartinus

{i’ll maybe delete this later hahaha}
i may look ugly as hell but those were my last selfie with braces and my first one without ahahaha
yeah, anyways. WOHOOOO! finally!
omg im so happy ahahaha!
i got out my braces after 1,5 years- what’s actually not that long, but it felt like eternity 😩😂
yup, i just wanted to tell you!
have a nice day!!
sina xx
8 days btw omggg
{feel tagged!}

so, i talked about making a youtube channel about my exchange year and i’m about to make my first video! wohoooo ahahaha.
yeah, i need your help! do you have any questions you always wanted to ask me? if it’s about me, my life, marcus & martinus, just ask!
but pls nothing about my exchange year in general bc i’m going to make a separate one about that ❤️❤️
just ask in the comments and i’m going to make the video soon!
thank youuuu ❤️✨
{feel tagged btw!}
📷: @laur_lutr
#joliglowgirl 11.03.

i’m gonna find a way to make you mine now. 💛
-11 omg.

dream it and do it! 💛💛
#mmmerch -12 🦋
{feel tagged}
#joliglowgirl 11.03.

i just wanna be honest. 🦋
- 16.
{feel tagged}

remind me where we used to go... ✨
- 18.
(check out my new cover 😋)

{feel tagged}

{yep, musical.ly ruined me 😂💛}
here’s a new cover ☺️
i got this microphone and the box for christmas about 2 years ago, so i thought, i can maybe try this haha 🌙 it maybe looks a little bit weird, but the tone is way better!
this one is of “remind me” as a start to moments tour! and i’m so excited! i guess y’all too! to which concert are you going to? 💛💛
i hope you like this cover & pleaseeee tag the boys ✨✨
@marcusandmartinus #marcusandmartinus @mmbehindthescenes @marcusmartinus_team @mmstoreno #mmmerch #cover #remindme 💛💛

20 days left. 👽✨

got the people in my heart. not tagged in the picture.

happy happy birthday to one of my fav persons on the whole wide world! 🎂💛💛💛
ilysm! ✨

{yes, i accidentally had the 1 in the wrong way round ahahahaha 😂🤦🏼‍♀️}
thank you all so so much for your kind messages and congratulations! 🎂
i really really appreciate it! 💛
omg, i’m 16! i can’t believe it... where did the time go... omg...
i’m literally so excited for the next year of my life! you can’t imagine!
i really hope that this year is going to be as sick as the last one was- or even more sick!!!
sina xx 💛💛💛
@j1mo71 @lisaandlena @marcusandmartinus @marcusmartinus_team

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