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sqaishey sqaishey

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Sqaishey Quack  official miracle duck.


halloween profile pic by @squish.squash.sqaishey

the real reason I haven't been able to record videos

find the dog.

little cortana feather πŸ•Š (that is my little finger to scale it)

Her duckie onesie still fits :3 πŸ₯

Ma doggo 🐢
- I am getting a lot of work done on my home right now which is REALLY fun! I love doing house projects!!! πŸ’›
My office has been ripped apart so I have carpet ontop of my consoles & computer hehe. I managed to record Slime Rancher in bed yesterday though! It's really comfy!
Some of my series will be missed this week and maybe next week. I will try and get a few videos out but I know for sure there won't be CPI this week :3
Health wise it's putting a bit of a strain on my schedule which I was told to stick with by my doctor - any down time I get away from housework or organising builders I have to spend recovering.
Recording is a bit of a struggle & when I do it I can't do it for very long. I'm still happy though :3
I'll keep you updated but just wanted to let you know whats going on so you don't think i'm just missing days for no reason :') πŸ’›

not gonna lie. i'm proud of this as a first art attempt :3

Floofs πŸπŸ’›

stampy took a picture of me & alyx taking a snooze on the sofa ☁️

become a miracle duck today - @jasthepirate

honk honk 🎺

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