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Ava Amici  My name is Ava and I love cooking. I started sprinkles and spice to share with you my love for cooking.

If your craving Indian food in London, Dishoom is the place to go. They serve delicious and authentic Indian food that’s sure to fill you up #food #cooking #travel

You can’t go to Paris without stopping at the Eiffel Tower. I bought one of my favorite desserts, macaroons, at a fair when I was at there! What’s your favorite dessert? #cooking #food #travel

Some of the best food can be found on a Paris side street. We had this delicious eggs Benedict at Frenchie To Go, a restaurant recommendation from my moms friend @nicholerobertsont #travel #food #cooking

Who knew you could use mozzarella in so many different ways. In the Mercado de San Miguel, a market like Chelsea market, they had a whole stand dedicated to making mozzarella in different ways! #cooking #travel #food #spain #madrid

When in London you have to eat fish and chips. Our trip wouldn’t have been complete without stopping at the Golden Union for a delicious fish and chips meal. When traveling, it’s always great to try something that the locals love!

I don’t normally like pickles but I love it in this super simple gherkin pickle spread!

When we took or trip to London and France in April we had a unique experience. We had the privilege or being taken around the city of Paris by @anne_iscooking to some local shops. We got some fresh bread and meats then made a delicious meal!

One thing you learn from being in Europe is that the portion sizes are a lot smaller. When visiting a cafe for breakfast, they served these small waffles that were both filling and delicious.

Raclette is cheese that is heated, then the melted part is scraped off onto a cured meat sandwich. This delicious Swiss dish is also popular in France is a must have when there!

I love ice cream and Nutella, and when they come together, it’s so good. I got this delicious hazelnut ice cream in a creamery in Europe.

I love finding cookbooks with fun and unique recipes! When I was shopping in Bon Marche, I found this cookbook full of beautiful rose tarts.

Sandwiches can be made in an infinite number of ways. A classing sandwich made is Paris is a simple ham, swiss, and butter sandwich on a baguette. We loved these sandwiches so much that we started making them at home.

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