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Philip Stridh  Swedish 🏃 with ❤️-failure.

Found an outdoor gym close by. Fun that it’s coming new things to the neighborhood.

You forget that it’s mostly gray and 🌧 in Sweden. But today we got reminded 😂

The spring has not come to the woods yet, so had to turn around and run in the city. But it was lovely weather and soon enough the last ice will be gone.

I’m just happy that it’s sun outside, but I passed a film set on my evening run, they had to boost the sun a bit 😂😂

You snooze you loose... In the winter it’s never light in Sweden, and now we are going towards the lovely time when it’s never dark! This picture is from 0700ish this morning and I have already missed the sunrise 😂

If you only run when it’s sunny in Sweden you don’t get to run very often.

Its nice to run in Stockholm, 4K in the woods and 5k in the center of the city today.

Evening run.

Lunch run at home, saw some colourful houses. Still very hard surface to run on.

The snow hits Stockholm with full force. But it doesn’t stop me from running

Lunch run, got caught in a blizzard 😂😂

Really crisp morning. But a good start with a short run today again 😂

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