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Joe Spracklen 

This is my picture of the California Nebula - NGC 1499
This pic has been a long time coming for me. I haven’t been able to take astro pics for a quite awhile, but that changed recently when I bought a house and made it my first order of business to build an observatory in the backyard. This is the first image taken from my new setup with many more to come hopefully.
This image is also a reminder of how far I’ve come in this hobby. The second image in this set is the first astro picture I ever took when I was first starting about 6 years ago. The images are so different that it’s hard to tell that it’s actually the same object (rotated 90 degrees)!

Head on a swivel

Danger noodle

Revisiting some of my eclipse pictures and I really like this one of the "diamond ring" effect. If you look closely on the bottom right edge of the sun you can see some reddish pink solar prominences. These are massive eruptions of plasma that occur all the time on the Sun. It may not look like much in the picture, but they are many times larger than the Earth!

Jetson discovers digging (and gets away with it because he's already mastered the puppy eyes).

My take on the eclipse yesterday, what a cool and unforgettable experience! #eclipse #eclipse2017 #astrophotography #astronomy

Green anole trying to attract a mate by showing its' red neck fat. This was my go-to strategy for many years as well, I hope this guy has better luck. #phinizyswampnaturepark #nature #anole #phinizyswamp #wildlife

Hey there big fella. Solid assist by @pattycakes0215 to mention there was an alligator about 10 feet away... @phinizyswamp #wildlife #augustaga #gators #phinizyswamp

Chickamauga Creek just past the Stovall Mill covered bridge in Northern Georgia. I was trying to get pictures of the bridge and looked over just in time to see the sun creating this cool light on the stream. I snapped a quick pic and a moment later the sun disappeared behind a cloud. The pics of the bridge didn't come out well, but this is my favorite picture of the weekend. Photography is funny. #georgia #stream #helengeorgia #northgeorgia

This is my picture of the Iris Nebula, NGC 7023, a 4.5 hour exposure taken from the Peach State Star Gaze. The bright blue region is a reflection nebula, which is a cloud of interstellar dust that is reflecting the light from nearby stars. The other regions of nebulosity that can be seen are called dark nebula. Like a reflection nebula, dark nebula are massive regions of interstellar dust and gas, except there are no nearby stars close enough to illuminate those areas. The Iris Nebula is 1,300 light years away and 6 light years across.

Technical details:
4.5 hour exposure time
18x10 min Luminance
6x5 each RGB (2x2) bin
Scope: Takahashi FSQ 106
Camera: SBIG STL 11000
Mount: Atlas EQ-G
Polar Alignment with Polemaster
Other Software Used: CCDSoft, CartesDuCiel, EQMOD
Processed in PixInsight @universetoday @astro_photography_ @photographingspace #astrophotography #irisnebula #astronomy

Incredible views and great people this weekend at the Peach State Star Gaze! #astronomy #milkyway #deerlickastronomyvillage #astrophotography #georgia

Symmetry. Well...close enough. #wildwoodpark #georgia #nature #augusta

Took the scope out for the first time tonight in about a year and a half. Rough photo, just hand holding the phone to the eyepiece, it looked even better in person! #astronomy #astrophotography #moon

Exploring around Congaree National Park. #congaree #congareenationalpark #nature #nationalparks

Osprey from Twin Lakes, WA #washington #twinlakes #birdsofprey #osprey #nature


I really like this picture and I'm not quite sure why. From the cabin a couple months ago in the channel that connects the two lakes. #nowake

Sunset at the Augusta Canal Headgates #augusta #augustacanal

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