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Olly Wood  Hypertrophy Programming & Exercise Mechanics . »22yrs, New Zealand, Bodybuilding & Business« · »4 Steps To The Ultimate Physique Article«


What is it that really makes these great physiques stand out from the rest?

Check out my latest article where I walk you through 4 steps that nobody is doing!


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Awesome wee circuit with the amazing @missmckendry a while back.

Awesome to try out new gyms. Studios like these are awesome to smash a circuit while no one is around!

Pump up the music, take off your shirt, whatever is your jam :)

Balance is a word that gets thrown around a lot.

The reason I'm not a fan of the word is it's used to make "stuck in a comfort zone" feel better.

Balance suggests that you have the balance the boring daily life with some exciting activity.

The goal of making this feel balanced, should be done through exploring multiple interests to get the most out of life.
I like to refer to this more as switching priorities. Work hard on what you really care about, and make sure you have as much fun as possible along the way!

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Educate that beautiful mind of yours. This is me perusing a book at an antique bookstore we visited yesterday in Washington D.C. I'm currently having a blast exploring the city, museums, bookstores, etc. So much history and so many interesting things to see and do here! I'm reminded everyday how much I value learning. How have you been educating your beautiful mind lately?
—Ruben #ThinkGrowProsper


1 Day Biomechanics Seminar held in Wellington on the 9th of September.

Learn how to effectively assess and adjust clients movement patterns depending on individual lever length and overall structure.

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It's the time again!

Another track day, however didn't go as smooth as I hoped... Took the bike on the left for a spin after a couple rounds and ended up getting a face full of tarmac.

Result: concussion, scraped up and pretty achy today...Oh well

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If you are not making mistakes your not living. 😉💕

Make time for the people around you that make it so great!

Project sticks to trunks.
Have been forcing myself to train arms regularly and stay away from heavy squats.
This is the opposite for most, but I just like to walk out the gym knackered and this just doesn't do it for me... Anyway, when training arms this regularly you want to make sure your focus is lining your elbow up with the movement and keeping all other momentum out.
Squeeze hard before you move and keep those shoulders out. You will see I am still leaning forward a lot here. The idea is I want to bend more from the elbow than I do from the shoulder and emphasize the triceps pressing away.

So many of my clients know this one!
Don't stop your last set short just because you did 10reps, work until your done!

The biggest part of your success in nearly any field comes back to your internal drive and self-made enjoyment in the process!
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🙌🏼 Pretty excited to welcome this guy @spotter_muscle to The Social PT team! Olly is a PT, digital marketing genius and a huge asset to anyone wanting help marketing their business online. 📲
So, with me on branding and content creation and Olly on digital marketing we are unstoppable! If you need any help getting your brand recognised online, check out the link in my bio and let us know what you're looking for. 🙌🏼 #thesocialpt #nomoreselfiesinthesquatrack
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