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I'm not going to be naive enough to think I'm the only one working hard. But sets like these really separate the ones that are willing to work, and I'm not seeing many of them done!

Last set, last exercise, 7 plates followed by 2 dropsets got me pretty good.

Make it your goal to at least have one set to ALL OUT failure, turn up the music and get that next level focus!

When you busy working away on the new version, don't forget to take a step back and look at what you have achieved.

I am personally terrible at doing this. I typically only use these to critique and pull apart what I can do differently or improve on.

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Big things set for 2018 and off to a great start!
Get those goals written down. Health, wealth, relationships, experience.
Get specific and work relentlessly to make sure they all get a tick!

Filming yourself on exercises you aren't quite feeling right can be a really good way of assessing form.

As this is a converging press(coming across the body) I'm getting a great squeeze at the top but you can see my right shoulder is elevated slightly for majority of the set.

Break down the movements and find your discrepancies. They could be the biggest limiting factors to your success.


Bodybuilding is a very unique sport in that, the objective in training is internal.

It is an internal breakdown, stimulus, contraction and feeling that should be your main priority.

This form and technique shouldn't be dictated by weight as it is an external influence on an internal goal.

Let your work do the talking

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To put an end to the long debate, hair or no hair?

I think you actually look more defined leaving the hair on.

Unless you are under 10% which I'm an not here if I go off visual guide. Calipers may say otherwise but they are always inaccurate, allowing people to claim single digit body fat when the are still well off.

Not anywhere near stage condition but I believe this shows it well.


Rack Pulls for LATS

Sure I could make this a 300kg lift and just tug away.

However if lats are your focus, give this a go.

Allow for some scapula movement and focus on pulling shoulders back and down hard!
You squeeze the lats hard enough and it will half your weight on the bar!

Balance will always be more important than size for me.

Play the slow game and take time building your physique.

There is no end goal, enjoy the process and live it every day.

This is last year's baseline, this year has built a whole new base.

Pay close attention to the set up specifically to YOU for an exercise.

This is made very apparent with back machines that all have weird strength curves.

This is my attempt at making this machine suit me. >>Where the weight is parallel to ground is where it's hardest<<

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