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Right...listen up peeps.
Weight doesn't mean shit if your chest is still small.
Learn to control every inch of every rep.
You will also notice I don't touch my chest, as I am not 5ft with little power stumps for arm's.

Instead I have long gangle arm's that make this bar travel a lot further. Therefore me bouncing off my chest is just going to ruin my shoulders.

Learn the differences between your structure and the athletes you follow, you're not made the same so don't mindlessly lift the same.
Seminar coming up in September that will go into depth about this. Check out to book your spot.

That's as still as I could get my phone...I'm sorry.
The leanest 115kg I have ever been and by the looks of it, the strongest too!
Body is really responding well to intelligent nutrition timing and GOOD quality food.
Bulking doesn't mean get fat, build the volume and intensity, and eat to match that output.

#bulking #mindfulmeathead #deadlift #strength #lesmillssnobs

You can read as many feel good quotes as you like.

But are you actually portraying these visions/ideas/feelings in your actions?

Spread the positive vibes and reap the rewards, no good just keeping them locked away and still acting like dick.

How many people's lives are you improving? Great, now go double it! :) #happy #fulfill #positivevibes

This is how a Saturday at the bar should look like!
Music loud, no one around, heavy weight, chains, and all things manly.
Also this was a warm up weight, chill can't handle the all out sets....

Bodybuilding should never be a limitation to any other part of your life.

It's not a chore, you don't get a medal for suffering. Let it enhance your life and help you live it to the fullest.
Had an awesome track day on this beast of a bike. Tbh legs were getting in the way a bit for the seat positioning....but had the bitch on the edge!!
#raceday #zx6r #Kawasaki #motorsport

Bodybuilding at the end of the day is artwork.

Size will not automatically put you ahead. Shape, symmetry and lines needs to be at the forefront of your programming.

There are way to many guys and girls making themselves more out of proportion due to a lack of the final details that really set the pros apart.

I have been heavily focusing on bringing arms up, but it will not be at the expense of leaving that 1:1 arm/calf ratio behind.

#symmetrygame #aestheticnotbrosethic #thefinerdetails #nomorefrontdelts

So shit got weird today and shirts came off... Nice to see peak bulk hasn't let things get too soft.
Anyway...little take home note here, when pressing for chest focus, your focus should be on driving the elbows across body, not just pushing away.

Contract before you move and squeeze that shit hard! You won't need much weight when you get it right.

All of a sudden....

Bodybuilding is not a weight game!

These two photos are two years apart (I'm starting to feel old!) First photo at 22yrs, 183cm and 112kg.
Second photo is two years ago at 122kg!

Much leaner, much more proportioned and enjoying it more!

P.s. repping my new @lululemonnz singlet! I own too much blue....

@lululemon head to toe!
Workouts going great, building strength, building momentum and enjoying the process!

Every time <3 @missmckendry

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