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Trice Antinoro  YO! It's Trice from! Go ahead and click that follow button, you know you want to!

Huge shout out to @angrybearlacrosse for hooking it up with this sick shirt. Glad to have helped with your Shootout for Soldiers set up man! Keep up the awesome work.

I may be at the top of a mountain, but I'm still working for yous guys. Posting about all the wonderful new releases that hit today! Have a Happy 4th of July!

Well what do we have here.....? #maverik #whatsinthebox

Finally got to restring my #tactik yesterday with a new piece of @ecdlax Hero 2.0! Little bit of fine tuning to take care of, but so far so good. #ecdnation #hero2.0 #sportstop #sportstopdotcom #stringerssociety #maverik

Enough said....

Think about it. Be an individual.

Grilled Mojo Chicken and guacamole on @daveskillerbread Good Seed bread. Simply put, delicious!

When your boy asks you for your best arm workout, you gotta give him your favorite arm killer! Here you go @rebelknightslacrosse Have fun brochacho! Hit me up if you have any questions. I got you.

Just saying.... Hero 2.0 mesh is FREAKING RIDICULOUS PEOPLE! Kudos @ecdlax well done gentlemen. #ecd #ecdnation #ecdlax #hero2.0

Alright guys. Today! Today is the best day of all days when it comes to bread! It's BREAD ASS DAY! The end of the loaf is BY FAR my favorite piece of all. Gimme all da crust! #pbnj #breadassday #davekillerbread

Just in case you were either A: curious about my dinner or B: hungry... here you go. Black Beans and Rice with Grilled Mojo Chicken.

Does anyone else dance with happiness when eating PB&J Sandwiches? Got cinnamon raisin bread with fresh ground peanut butter (thanks @wholefoods ) and strawberry preserves! 🔥👌

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