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My stilts walk! Huge thanks to Chaos Costumes for the instructions for these. If you're looking to build or buy your own digitigrade stilts, check out their etsy! πŸ’–

At MSP Comiccon! Rachel is the cutest Flapper Princess Peach~ πŸ’–

I got new cosplay cards bc I realized at c2e2 that my old ones had old information on them, and they turned out so cute!! 😍

Stilts are almost there! They still need leg braces, but I tried walking in them as is and it's WEIRD AND FUN

All of these pieces are gradient dyed on both ends, and since this they've been pressed and starched. Now time to mark them all for smocking!

Today's stilt progress! Had to stop for the evening, but I should be able to finish them in the next couple days.

The first layer of paper mache is on the Librarian head! Can't wait for the jaws and teeth, they really make it creepy

I've started cutting the pieces for my stilts! Hoping to finish the rest and assemble them tomorrow

I went to the hardware store today, which means that it's time to make some digitigrade stilts for the Librarian! 😊

Doing some draping today on the costume I built all of those corsets for! This is going to be so stinking cute!! πŸ’–

DAWN IS THE ACTUAL CUTEST AND THIS IS THE BEST COSTUME EVER!! 😍😍😍 It makes me super tempted to remake my Ayla from ages ago! @nguyencraft

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