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baby red  let’s understand what it’s like to be each other


ok i know everyone makes the joke, let me make it. what’s 9 plus 10 😏


they wishin n wishin they wishin on me

i feel it

i luv my friend


(U don't have to read this just know ily and u should luv u too) here's a post to remind me to love myself and to not overthink my body/looks. looking back my body was exactly why I wanted n in the moment I still considered myself fat or not cute or what was expected of me (from myself) now having gained some relationship thiccccccness i was feelin real lame about myself but I realized I had no reason to. My weight has always fluctuated and I've always had doubts about myself for not being tiny and petite ever since I was v young. Here's a before and after from the beginning of this year to the end. I am so much healthier and happier now, my skin GLOWIN af and my mans keeps me well fed 🍣🍣🍣 so it's ok if I'm not skinny or what my mind thinks I should look like. I love myself like crazy and it feels so great. LOVE YOURSELF TOO BECAUSE YOU ARE BEAUTIUL

some basel bops

im being dramatic

i liked them both so


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