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Melissa Ann 

I’m a communications and marketing person who has never really been comfortable with the concept of marketing. The feeling of trying to get people to buy into something has always felt “off” for me. I think there’s a way to put your heart into the world that has nothing to do with algorithms, advertising, or media validation of your ideas. I believe we are actually entering a “spin-averse” environment where none of these things will matter. People understand authenticity intuitively. Our hearts resonate with other hearts. We are realizing how connected we are. There is increasing awareness of the concept of service to the collective. We are seeing that our relentless campaigns of consumerism have not led to happiness or better outcomes for humanity. How we communicate is evolving along with this shift.

I always felt the pull of the stars as home.

Empaths and highly sensitive people have a tendency to be people pleasers and over givers. This extends beyond family and friendships to our everyday interactions. The taxi driver, the lady at the bank, your hair stylist, people at school and work - even people you don’t speak to, like the person behind you in line at the grocery store. Are you constantly worrying about their feelings, what they might think of your behaviour, anticipating their unspoken needs, trying to bring people up if they seem down, trying to lighten the mood?
It’s exhausting.
Being kind is the empath way, but constantly doing all the emotional lifting for those around you isn’t kindness - to yourself, or others. Consistently making these daily, unnecessary emotional withdrawals will drain you over time and leave you emotionally and (yes) physically spent. The constant drain of being givers can place an enormous amount of stress on us. Stress affects our adrenal system. Then we wonder why we feel so depleted.

Energetic boundaries are necessary.
This looks like: -shifting our primary focus from external (others) to internal (ourselves)
-learning to love and please ourselves rather than seeking validation through helping others -getting comfortable with “no”
-not making ourselves smaller to make others comfortable -giving up the need to justify ourselves to others
In the words of @maryamhasnaa, we must fill our own cup and then give to others from the overflow, rather than continually draining ourselves.

Hello, my name is Melissa, and I’m an intuitive.

If every disempowered person found their power, the world would change radically. Never forget your power.

See you next time.

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We’re taught from an early age that there is a template we must follow in order to have a good life, a successful life, to be loved and valued and included.
This template, however, has the opposite effect: it holds us back. It keeps us from following dreams and sparks that come from deep within us, from our soul, which is irreplicable. It keeps us looking in the mirror and seeing flaws where we fail to meet this set of arbitrary standards.
Smash the template. Break the story they gave you into a thousand tiny pieces that blow away like dust.
It is not your story. It is not your mirror.
#selflove #spirit

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