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Sudden Pattern Shop  Pattern Files primarily for Digital Printing.

A low resolution image signifying a reason to look up my Sellfy Page.

Invisible Muscle Shade Test

This revision is just as free and available as it’s predecessor. Which is to say, that it still is.

Updated the Sellfy to include more designs, all Spider-Man. I believe I ought to branch out more. I’ve got some ideas.

I have no idea why I didn’t make the last post this...
While I’ve got people... how interested are people in structured patterns, non Spider-Man stuffs, and feminine fitting patterns?

#infinitywar #ironspider #spiderman

Just touched this app for the first time in a while and I consider what I did to be large. Would anyone care to check and find out?

I repurposed the Ditko pattern to match the Spider-Man iteration from the work of @gibsoncomics , @kwinones & @zdarsky . I’m loving what I’ve read so far of theirs.

Some extra precautionary measures might need to be taken in ordering communication but here are photos of @spider_menace ‘s that prove @zentaizone can do a pretty nice job with my original seamed patterns. I’m hoping this means more potential orders of different suits too. The wearer took the liberty of using unprovided emblems to suit their own style.
I’m very grateful for the niceness I’m receiving in time and lately and it’s such a kick to see my drawings made in some fashion, especially like this. I’m definitely still intending to up my game and make it more pleasant for you lot, but slowness is my friend for now. Would love to hear about the state of interest around my current list of products and potential future ones?

Some Reason I thought I owed a clearer look at this. Does anyone have suggestions of how I could sell and upload more without having to pay a website a subscription fee?

Rushed Filtered Render of an old file I was scared to fake sew. #superior #spiderman #superiorspiderman #sewingpattern #dyesublimation #render #cloth

This applies to the last post of photos. I like the pairing of promotion and quasi self deprication. https://sellfy.com/p/1FXD/