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New Video: "LIKE ME" on YouTube. Check it out and download EP "Understanding My Flaws 2" <Link In Bio> {#FCHW} {#JbHart} {#LoDG} {#UnderstandingMyFlaws} {@fchwlife} 🌍

New Video| J.B Hart - "LIKE ME" x Watch FULL video on YouTube‼️<Link In Bio> {#FCHW} {#UnderstandingMyFlaws} 🎬@AuphTopek x 🎹@ShowTheBoatClassic x @TommieTools x {@fchwlife} 🌍

"Spoken Reasons Goes Super Saiyan" - Full Video on YouTube - SpokenReasonsTV.com <Link In Bio> {#FCHW} {#NegroSaiyan} {@AuphTopek} {#DragonBallZ} {@fchwlife} 🌍

Watch full video "Spoken Reasons Goes Super Saiyan" on YouTube. <Link In Bio> {#FCHW} {#NegroSaiyan} 🎬 @AuphTopek {@fchwlife} {#DragonBallZ}

New Video - "Spoken Reasons Goes Super Saiyan" on YouTube <Link In Bio> {#FCHW} {#NegroSaiyan} {#DragonBallZ} x {#DBZ} {#GokuDay} {#LoDG} {#SuperSaiyan} {@fchwlife} 🌍

Everybody wanna know... "Did you see Tupac when you was in Cuba?".. Well even if I did I wouldn't tell it because I don't want them boys on my ass but the people sure as hell rock w/ em heavy. This guy in the video Miguel is a living proof. Shout out to my guy @RandomTravelingBlackGuy as well. The only regular dude I know that takes traveling seriously like a career profession. Cool to have some friends that can get people like me out the house because all I ever do is work. Find you a traveling buddy that's down to ride with you anywhere. {#FCHW} {@fchwlife} 🌍

Cuba helped me get 1 step closer to the TRUE African me. Every time I go out the states I feel home. Not because of how the housings are structured, but the people. Feels amazing to get away and not feel the hidden racial tension. I can't even speak that much Spanish, but still communicated and felt the energetic connection with the people like they were long lost relatives. Beautiful city full of black/brown folks. We have a lot of work to do. Don't be afraid to step out because we are all over! {#FCHW} {#Cuba} {@fchwlife} 🌍

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