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Was looking back through Cadaver Twin releases and remembered this interesting 1-off with the Broken Bones arms.

Before today's drop in a few hours you can learn more about CK Beta in a little article I did with @coartmag. Just follow the link in their bio. Thanks Nick!

Goon squad. The Blue Digglers and CK Betas will be going in the shop this Saturday at 1:00 PM (ET). Expand your SPLURRT squad.

It's time for the first SPLURRT drop of the year! This Saturday at 1:00 PM (ET) I will be releasing the debut of CK Beta, I will have blanks, a camo run, and more surprises. I will also be putting up some lame blue blank Digglers and the remaining camper hats as well! It will all be going up at Splurrt.com.

Well that was fun, a collector sent me an original Uncle Steve to paint. Makes me once again anxiously await Uncle Steve 2.0. But with the new 1 piece legs the factory was concerned the feet would be a problem so they had to get cut off and jointed. Don't know how much time that will add to production but hopefully he will be back in action soon.

This bot needs maintenance.

Do you remember going into hobby stores as kids and being in awe of the weathered models on display? I won't lie, half the reason I made this toy was just so I could paint weathered mechs.

As the year closes I finally finished my goal of getting a decent display up. For the last few years all my figures have just been sitting in a closet and storage unit. I still have more stuff I don't have room for, but getting this display set up and getting reacquainted with my collection brought a lot of holiday joy to me.
I'll be back next year and kicking off January with the CK Betas and if I'm lucky some Moon Goons.
Happy new year everyone, I hope it's a prosperous year for all of you and you see your collections grow ✌️
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I suck, or USPS sucks, or we both do. My stuff was late to Fuckaiju and the Sofubi With Love charity auction. But the good news is that now we are doing an online charity auction. Please go to @sofubiwithlove if you are interested in bidding on my custom Glow @planetxasia Golliathan. Thank you to everyone out there who has found the means to participate and give a little something to this event ✌️

I don't even know where to start with how amazing this is. First a gigantic thank you to @grodyshogun for revitalizing this beast. After this figure was lost in the blaze, Luke took it upon himself to replace it for me, hiring the best Japanese sculptor he could find to redo my work. As you can see, he is much better than me. Look at how clean and detailed this is! This is like what I envision in my mind but just can't seem to achieve. I hope that one day I am this good. But it's so amazing to see the Arch Usir executed at this level. Thank you again @grodyshogun and @lulubell_toys!

Working on some header art.

Got this beautiful original war of the gargantuas French one sheet I'm going to frame up and hang in the studio.

😳 Got word the first batch of CK Betas are on the way to me and the factory sent this image. This color came out even better than I imagined.

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