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Received news I'm a finalist in the panel voted Artist of the year in the DTAs. Thanks to everyone who nominated or considered me 🙏 Lots of great nominees this year and even more worthy contenders who were not selected.
What a year. Krono, Masterworks Cadaver Kid, Shinjuku Demon, Met Death Golem, and we've got Masterworks Arch Usir, Bam-Bam, and Uncle Steve 2.0 on the way. And I can't forget the 5 year Cadaver Kid anniversary and the marble madness from @grodyshogun and @shirahamatoy to breathe new life into the original SPLURRT sofubi.
Thanks everyone 🤘

Cadaver Balls made a surprise come back at Super Festival. More colors are coming soon!

Foggy night in #nyc

I've emailed all winners of the Krono lottery. There were many entries, and I have to thank you all for the overwhelming support, unfortunately this also means many people did not win. I'm sorry to those who missed out.

Entry details also at splurrt.bigcartel.com/lottery.

I am now accepting lottery entries for Camo Kronos! I will accept entries until end of day Sunday at 11:59 PM (ET), and then draw winners on Monday.

This is a limited edition of 25 pieces, all figures are hand painted by myself. Each camo pattern is unique and no 2 look identical.

Kronos are over 9" and articulated at the neck, legs, and 4 arms. Made in Japan and cast in beautiful green vinyl.

Each figure is $225 plus $10 shipping in the US and $50 shipping for International Priority mail.

To enter the lottery please email keepthesecretoy@gmail.com with the following informaion:




Paypal email.

Instagram ID (optional)

Uncle Steve 2.0. A lot of people have asked me where Uncle Steve has been. Many have told me he is their favorite SPLURRT toy and even one of their favorite sofvi figures. A lot went wrong with the production of this figure, my producer at the time disappeared for about 3 months and the wax master went missing. When I was finally able to track it down it had dried out and cracked open. It was repaired by the factory but I was never happy with the quality of he was work and some detail had been lost in the wax repair. The original sculpt of the body was also totally lost. I love this toy I think it's amazing, and it always disappointed me that the final product wasn't what I hoped it would be. I've been meaning to revisit this for a long time but it's hard to find the motivation to redo something. I've also decided to make the legs a single lower body part and not jointed extruding from the torso. I actually like this more and hope it improves stability. Getting pretty close just another spit shine or two.

Part 2, technique:
Normally when I sculpt a standard size toy it takes me about 3 months to get it to point where I'm happy. I actually sculpted this golem over the span of about 3 days. I really wanted to get at the essence of an ancient golem, sculpted centuries ago, out of mud or river clay, not by an artist but by a religious figure. I also sculpted it completely with Tera cotta, trying to use a clay that somewhat resembled a river clay or mud. It was difficult to change my process so greatly, but I thought it was necessary. Even now I look at it and say, I should have changed this or that, and I fall into the mindset I have in all my other sculptures. I have to stop myself and remind myself of what this creature is and why I made the decisions I made.
There is no brand stamp on this figure, no secretoy, no splurrt, no made in Japan. Only "met" on the foot.
Really I am only comfortable experimenting like this and taking such a risk because of the assistance of @grodyshogun behind the scenes. So thank you Luke.

Part 1, history:
My golem was inspired by Jewish folklore. In Jewish mysticism or Kabbalah, a golem could be brought it to life by inscribing the Hebrew letters "emet" or truth on it. And destroyed by removing the first letter to alter emet into "Met" or death.
I like Old Testament god, he's angry and easily offended. And I imagined any attempt at recreating life would be a cursed ritual and create a cursed being that couldn't be so easily destroyed, but would instead punish those who created it.

Very happy to receive news that the remolding is complete on the Met Death Golem. Should be getting vinyl and things moving with this figure in the near future. His guy stands over 12" tall. A foot of vinyl!

Great shot!
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Fantastic paint app on such a killer sculpt! Love these MW Cadaver Kids, keep em coming, @splurrt !!! Thank you 🙏🏼 #splurrt #cadaverkid #sofubi

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