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Vanessa Sinsuan 🖤  "it is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves." 👻 sc: misterfrankiero


some red for valentine’s ❤️😉😘

u make me smile with my heart


“you got to put trust in one another, this goes for any relationship. if you can’t trust your significant other with being yours and only yours, it’s not going to work out. but if we both have that mutual trust, we can both focus our energy and time and trust into making each other happy. i’ve never lost trust in my boyfriend, out of the two years that we’ve been together, and i think that’s an important foundation for people who want to truly be together.”

“i was in a toxic relationship. he wasn’t in the right mindset. he had severe depression and would trap me and made me scared that i’d lose him everyday. He’d threaten to kill himself everytime that i’d try to leave. But then my current boyfriend came into my life, and showed me how much he cared about me and how much he loved me. and that’s when i realized i’m not gonna stand for the way that my ex treated me. i still have anxiety and im still affected by the things that he’s done to me to this day, and i’m afraid of letting people in again for that sole reason, but i’m trying to change. i’m glad and i’m happy that i have people by my side that help me out with my doubt like that.”


“i really thought that i loved him and that i fucked with him; that’s the deepest i’ve ever felt for someone and it really hurt me when i found out about what he said and what he did. when people leave me in life; the only thing that they really have in common that i can think of is me. they made me think like there was something about me that didn’t satisfy them enough even though i gave them everything they’ve ever needed to be content. i was always vulnerable with him so i guess that’s why it hurt that bad. I was never like that with anybody and yet he took advantage of that and used it against me. So i was hurt, but i’m tryna be out there and be my best, and go into the army and be all successful as fuck, so that he has no choice but to hear about how much better i am without him. i got all these men lined up waitin for me, i can get any one of them that i want, like at the end of the day, i am THAT BITCH, im always gonna be THAT BITCH. So it’s his loss for losin someone as bad as me.”


“people come and go in your life. that’s inevitable. there are people who leave, whether it may be because you lost touch, or that you had a terrible falling out. You can never escape that, especially with people that you may fall in love with. it’s easier to lose people that you had romantic interactions with. I know that you learned that the hard way, but listen to me when i say that there are people who stay. it’s understandable that you’re afraid of letting people in again and that you’re afraid of letting people know that you love them because someone threw your love away, but listen. really listen. there are people who love you, who want to love you, and who will love you, even if you may not believe it at first. That includes me. i will never leave you, and i have never left you. i will never. because i love you, you’re my bestfriend. even though you do stupid shit and say stupid shit and you’re stubborn, i’ll always be here to watch you grow and get better and help you back on your own two feet. I’ll always be here.”

“i’m trying to learn how to truly be myself right now. it feels like every year i’m a different person and that i’m always in the process of finding out who i am. i’m genuinely excited for everything that’s going to happen in the future. i’m 17 im young, i’m ready for all the happiness, the sadness, the laughter, and the tears. i know i’m never going to have the chance to go through this again, this youth. i cant wait for all of the new people i’ll get to meet in the future as well. i’m genuinely curious about people. i want to know what theyre thinking, how they feel about the world and how they feel about themselves, i feel like that’s how you determine what kind of people they are to the core, and it’s so reassuring when they decide to open up to you and you see a reflection of yourself in them. it’s comforting and reassuring to know that there are people out there who share the same values and same beliefs and passions as you. i just can’t wait.”


I am a believer of multiple soulmates. it doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic like you normally would think. i think there are 7-13 soul mates in someones lifetime and some of those soul mates are what i like to call “twin flames.” for me, that was my bestfriend. The moment that i met her, we automatically clicked, as if i’ve known her in a past life and we were just picking off where we left off. these flames, they’re always gonna be there for you and they’re always gonna love you; they’re the kind of timeless friendships that people look for, the kind of friendships where she knows you better than you know yourself. Shes always looking out for me like a big sister, she wants to make sure that the people around me won’t hurt me, and i did the same with her. She’s someone that i love unconditionally and whole-heartedly, and i truly believe that she is one of many of my soulmates, just not a romantic one. no matter what we go through, ill make it known that i’ll always be there for her and i know she’s gonna do the same for me. that’s what i consider a “twin flame” soulmate.


“I'm going to marry her. I know they didnt like that and that they want us to break up. I know that they think no one can ever love her because of the way she is or the way she looks. But I love her and I'm going to stick with her through all of this. I mean them all no disrespect but I'm with her all the way and I want them to know that. I'm never going to hurt her or let her down. She means more to me than anything on this planet. I'm staying with her through the good times and the bad times. The easy times and the hard times. I just need them to know that.”


“i’m ready for college, and i’m just so excited to be there. i know at first i’m going to be homesick and i’m going to miss my family of course, especially my siblings. i care about them deeply, and i’ve always been there for them, so of course i’d worry about them when i finally leave, but if i’m being honest, i’m just so tired of everything here, i wanna start anew, i wanna truly find myself and/or who i will become. highschool kind of constrained me from being who i truly am. like, I never really had the opportunity to be emotionally vulnerable in front of anyone in highschool, and i’m ready to get out of that shell. i wanna let the walls that i’ve built in front of people crumble. i’m ready to start fresh, meet new people, give people chances, begin a new chapter in my life, and see/experience every single thing life has in store for me.”


“you know how when people are upset, people tell you to get over it. that’s how i felt. i always thought that i’d just leave them behind when i went to college. i never socialized with them, i never talked to them after what had happened because i had a lot of anger in my heart and we got into a lot of fights. but i’m learning to open up to them again. i’m starting to realize that it’s not their fault, and that it was mine and that i had a lot of maturing to do. but i’m trying, im really trying to put it all aside, to forgive myself. i’m learning to love them again.”


“I joined NSLC, and i met one of my best friends there, and ever since then, i felt more myself. i get more passionate about things and i regained the ability to be vulnerable again. ive seen myself be in a bad state and to transition into a better state of mind, and now it’s really hard for me to think about the negative things spoken by other people”

“i love learning more about people; we’re all some mix of whatever happened before us. i always try to figure out what i missed out on when it comes to meeting someone new, and i always believe that there is some kind of good in people, so i kind of deconstruct everything that i see in an attempt to truly understand it. that’s how i view the world, how i view everything, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a person, it could be anything, like a building. i take apart everything in my head and build it all back so i could try to see how someone or something was created or how they came to be that way.”


“if he was here, i’d tell him that i’m not happy. or i wasn’t happy. cause i’d never be able to do that over the phone. id tell him the truth, even if it would break his heart, because he deserves to know. and then i would give him a hug, and i’ve been wanting to do that for a very long time.”
“i’m learning to focus more on my own happiness, and instead of spending all of my time trying to make someone else happy when they never chose me, im choosing to use the time that i have now to focus on God, family, and other people who care about me that i should’ve focused on before.”

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