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🏳️‍🌈💜✨  he follows💜

wowowowowowow you didn’t have to snap like that

easier said than done i thought you were the one listening to my heart is done

i got your back. always.

i will never understand why people NEED and will go to extreme lengths for a comment or a like or a dm from the person that they support. like don’t get me wrong the feeling is so great when your fav acknowledges your existence but i’m literally here to support the person i love the most, not for any of that other shit. it will come.

i’m just here to support him i’m not involving myself in any of this anymore

missing these days. i miss all the old days where hayes would be on tour and meet everyone and have fun making videos. those were some good ass times

yo @hayesgrier it’s ya girl katie’s bday // HE LIEKDKDKKD

first post of the new theme goes to the sweetest girl out there, katie!!!! it’s her 20th birthday today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE! EVERYONE GO WISH THIS SWEETHEART A HAPPY STINKING BIRTHDAY!!💜💜💜

3/3 donneeee

almost over

new theme sorudjdkdkdk

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