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Kat  Kat ⚜ 25 ⚜ SoCal ⚜ Ricemonger ⚜ Cosplay, Kendo, and Cats!


study study .......

four years ago....... dila taught me this turkish wedding dance!!! and just now .... i just got to do it with her at her wedding!!!!!! πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

comeback tour

a stack o' photos that make me happy !!!!


hey wtf why is my cousin @zoethriller and @vyragoband so cool ?????????

my hype for this cos was diminishing since i didn't get it in time for AX but then it arrived and i was INSTANTLY HYPE AGAIN .... i did this right after work so no makeup sorry-- #idolmaster #idolmastercosplay #cinderellagirls #cinderellagirlscosplay #cosplay

In every OS pic we took at AX we either look ethereal or like we just got hit by a train which HONESTLY considering the marathon we'd bust out is .... probably most accurate rip... anyway here's One Of The Good Ones!! I simultaneously can't believe this was a whole 2 weeks ago, but also it feels like a lifetime passed since then LMFAO #odinsphere #odinsphereleifthrasir #odinspherecosplay #ax #ax2017

FETEcon finale feat. The Last Survivors :'( i miss everyone and i'm already excited for next year!!! until then ..... back to the grind in The Rice Void ........... and back to ur comparative radio silence from me


Busy busy day in The Blackout Void !!!!

Odin Sphere at AX!! Gwendolyn is my all time fav character and I was so happy to get to be her for a little bit T_T πŸ’• Thank you so much to everyone who talked with me there!!! Photo is by Cospix.net !! #odinsphere #odinsphereleifthrasir #odinspherecosplay #cosplay #animeexpo2017 #ax2017 #animeexpo #gwendolyn

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