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Ayesha Malik  ‎حلال 🇵🇰🇺🇸 #RepresentationMatters

I’ve been demonized these past few months over my lack of “modesty”. My Muslimness has been questioned on a daily basis from both strangers on the Internet & my loved ones. Some of my most banging posts have been deleted because others have deemed them too risqué. Only reason I deleted them was because I wanted my mom to stop crying. •
The combination of Pakistani & Muslim & woman or anything Muslim and woman, makes me resent everything about who I am. •
Everything we do reflects on our family and in turn our community and value system. Mistakes brand Muslim women. We don’t get second chances like men. We don’t get reckless “phases.” In the eyes of our culture, Muslim women are born adult.

Women who pursue their desired lives do so with a heavy internal shame of letting the people around them down. Here I am, living my best life, but right after this photo was taken, I stopped smiling. I felt guilt. •
To the other @tropicisleliving girls, if I appeared aloof or unhappy on this trip - this is why. I have to censor myself just so I don’t lose my Muslim credibility. It doesn’t matter if I follow all the other tenants of Islam - the whole world will judge me based off of my clothes - or lack of. •
I probably should end this on a high note, but I am emotionally tired. I can’t be this positive role model 24/7. I want to complain sometimes. Please read @zayna.u’s latest post (link in her bio). If anything I said resonated with you, what she wrote will make you cry #HaramPolice

It’s a miracle I still have this hat. Also this skirt belongs to Ms. Hines. I hope some of her bo$$ lady magic rubbed off on me #tropicisleliving #itstartswithusretreat #gwaanwithtropicisle

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY JAMAICA! 🇯🇲🌴#gwaanwithtropicisle #tropicisleliving #itstartswithusretreat

Work all winter, shine all summer 🌊 #gwaanwithtropicisle #tropicisleliving #itstartswithusretreat #TIL

I’ve been using these oils in my hair for soooo long. I’m excited to visit the place where these magic products come from 🇯🇲 Even more excited to meet the woman behind this amazing company 💪🏽 Miss Hines, expect a huge bear hug from me! #GwaanWithTropicIsle #TropicIsleLiving #itstartswithusretreat #TIL

FRA ✈️ ANC • Heading home *very* briefly to recharge my batteries! All my Paris posts were taken on my iPhone so I’ve been carrying this giant bazooka of a camera for no reason (it died on me 😩). Next stop —> Jamaica 🇯🇲 w/ @tropicisleliving

Slightly upset I didn’t bring the bedsheets from my hotel room to do the #Apeshit challenge out here. What a wasted opportunity 🦍 #Louvre #Paris

LET THEM EAT CAKE 👑 my hair has been through so much on this trip 😅 BeautyCon, a music video shoot, a Meet & Greet, slimy British tap water, and now UV damage in Paris. All this traveling + over washing has been taking a toll on my curls. When I get back to Alaska, I’m going to bathe in deep conditioner. SIDE NOTE: I’m living my best life & these bad hair days are not affecting me at all 🤪 #Versailles #jadore

Here’s the aftermath of that rain #WashandGo ☔️ Definitely not my best hair day, but I don’t care - I’m in the best city in the world #Paris #EiffelTower

A Parisian #WashandGo

Checking out a neighborhood where a scene from Harry Potter was filmed at. Moments after @xeena______ took this photo, we were shoo’d off the premises 😂 no matter how many times I’ve been here, I’ll always be a tourist

Lahore or Bust 👍🏽 but on a serious note, am I in Lahore or in London? Sometimes it’s hard to tell....and I love it 😈 MUHAHAHA #PostColonialism #ReverseInvasion

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