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Ayesha Malik  ‎حلال 🇵🇰🇺🇸 #RepresentationMatters

🕌#EIDMUBARAK 🌙 shoutout to all the diaspora Muslims that live in obscure, tiny towns. The ones that are completely isolated from the Islamic world, but remain steadfast with their iman. We are roses growing out of concrete. I could go on & on but I’m starving - can’t even finish this caption. Just do me a favor and slay today, ok? Do it for the ummah! #PSSEid #pakistanstreetstyle

Oot pataang. If you know, then you know 🤷🏽‍♀️

Oh the screams that I screamt when I saw this in my mailbox. Pretty sure Rihanna has this shade of purple copyrighted 💸 #FentyBeauty
🔮eyes: Match Stix Shimmer (Confetti)
🔮lips: Mermaid Thighs
🔮robe: #SavageXFenty

✋🏽HOLD UP. I shared (via Instastory) that I almost got eaten up by quicksand mud & instead of asking me if I was ok, y’all just wanted to know “WhErE dId YoU gEt ThAt RaInCoAt FrOm?” 🧐 well, if you really want to know - tap the photo for details #butdidyoudie #prettylittlething

When it’s a blazing 40°F/4°C out, it’s time for summer clothes 🔥 This photo was taken in a park next to my house at 10:45pm (before iftar) & the wind was blowing so hard that the false lashes on my left eye flew off 😅 #Alaska is a tough place. I am forever in awe of how unforgiving & intense it can be #BTS

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psssst....guess what? I have a secret, but I have to hold on to it until Thursday 🤭 can’t wait to surprise you all #staytuned

Lots of travel plans this summer! 📍LA 📍NYC📍London📍Paris 📍Caribbean📍Toronto📍Vancouver. If you’re from any of these areas, let me know! What should I do in your city?

UPDATE: deleted caption to go back to my aloof self cuz I ain’t about that TMI life. I am fine 😀 #topshopstyle

To celebrate my 1st year on YouTube, I decided to revisit the hate comments that made me create my channel in the first place 🔥 5 videos & 80k subs later, I’m sitting here thinking maaaaaaaaaaybe I should do this full time? Idk, we’ll see. Thank you for all of the love (and hate) 💃🏽 #curlyhair

Guess who got to meet the Curl Doctor! 😆 I felt bummed out that he was going to work on my crazy post-Coachella hair (I basically deep conditioned with dirt every night), but he said my curls were the healthiest he’s ever worked on 😶🤯😭 the hard work I put in these past 13 years? WORTH IT. I loved being in his salon & his name is well deserved. Thank you for the trim @shaiamiel! #LA #curlyhair

Wherever I go, I want to take this girl with me. If I go up, she goes up! 🚀 @tkowanderlust #buzzfeed

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