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Ayesha Malik  ‎حلال 🇵🇰🇺🇸 #RepresentationMatters

This beautiful Jewish queen makes me so happy. When I first heard her sing on set, it was difficult holding back tears. We were on set for 15 hours! Had to be fierce & stoic the whole time - so here a picture of me & @taalimusic taking a break 😅 #MusicVideo #LosAngeles

TLDR: I am not an “influencer” or YouTuber, but I will continue to film if you all promise me something...

They asked me the absolute DUMBEST questions on the pink carpet. “What is a makeup product a girl should never live without” - “what would be a funny beauty trend”. These interviews will probably never see the light of day because I made this face —> 🤮 on camera. •
I just couldn’t take the press seriously. Going down the line, I felt more & more disappointed by the dumb questions....

I reached the very end of the line & spoke to a magazine ran by WOC. They asked me about my bio #RepresentationMatters, changing the beauty industry narrative, turning our flaws into our most beautiful traits. •
I felt alive again. Now that’s what I’m here for 👏🏽 Let’s talk about issues that matter. I want to publicly state that I am not an “influencer”. I have only promoted two brands - @DevaCurl & @TropicIsleLiving. Why? Because it’s all I have been using for the past 3+ years. I have no hidden agenda & only have shared the truth with y’all. I *try* new products now & then just because they are mailed to me, but I have never promoted them on my feed. Haven’t you noticed?! They didn’t work for me so why try to influence you to buy them? 😶

YouTube is not my job - not yet. The 6 videos I have uploaded are about hair. But life is not about ~only~ having a good hair day - it’s about what you do while having a good hair day. •
My life significantly improved once my hair wasn’t an issue. It gave me the confidence to go out there & become a community organizer, to engage with government officials, to run a small business. Surprisingly, I couldn’t do any of those things effectively without my curls acting right 😅 so I will continue to film tutorials if only y’all promise me something; •
Once you achieve your dream hair, please go out there and do something meaningful. I will only feel motivated to share my techniques knowing that the people watching are going to make positive changes in the world 🤷🏽‍♀️ That sounds so corny & I hate myself a lil bit rn, but I am dead serious. Virtually pinky promise me & you shall receive more hair videos ⬇️ 👀 #losangeles #beautyconla

Constantly asking myself “how did I get here???” #BeautyCon

#BeautyCon Day 1

9 days left until the NYC Meet & Greet at #DevaCurl! Who’s coming out to see me, @itscurlypenny, and @hif3licia? 🗽

Blessing your TLs with my #4thofJuly outfit. You’re welcome America 🇺🇸 HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

70’s vibes, 80’s hair, 90’s soul ✌🏽 #showyourvogue #GigiforVogueEyewear #sponsored

My Eid Day 2 outfit 🌙 the mirrors on this #punjabi kameez cut my face up, hence the crop. So was it worth it? Absolutely.

🕌#EIDMUBARAK 🌙 shoutout to all the diaspora Muslims that live in obscure, tiny towns. The ones that are completely isolated from the Islamic world, but remain steadfast with their iman. We are roses growing out of concrete. I could go on & on but I’m starving - can’t even finish this caption. Just do me a favor and slay today, ok? Do it for the ummah!

Oot pataang. If you know, then you know 🤷🏽‍♀️

Oh the screams that I screamt when I saw this in my mailbox. Pretty sure Rihanna has this shade of purple copyrighted 💸 #FentyBeauty
🔮eyes: Match Stix Shimmer (Confetti)
🔮lips: Mermaid Thighs
🔮robe: #SavageXFenty

✋🏽HOLD UP. I shared (via Instastory) that I almost got eaten up by quicksand mud & instead of asking me if I was ok, y’all just wanted to know “WhErE dId YoU gEt ThAt RaInCoAt FrOm?” 🧐 well, if you really want to know - tap the photo for details #butdidyoudie #prettylittlething

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