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Ayesha Malik  ﷽ Pakistan made • Alaskan raised • EWU educated • London refined • Parisian at heart 🌙 💍| I.IX.MMXVI 👻| spisha 🎥| AyeshaMalik 👇🏽MY CURL ROUTINE 👇🏽


If TSA agents stop you because they think you're some famous actress, don't correct them. Just take pictures with them and move on 😂✈️ #fakeittillyoumakeit

"There are beautiful, beautiful things about a group of people helping to lift each other up" - @talia_music 🌼
And that's what the curl community is all about! It was impossible to take a photo with everyone at the @mydevacurl product launch event. Imagine all your #WCW's in one room 😲 I was in awe. Luckily I got a few snaps with these beauties. I can't wait until we are all reunited again! ➰👯➰
#CurlsUnMasked #DevaCurl

How it felt the first time I met my curlmate @mycurlychronicles 😍 we instantly bonded over the fact that people online believe our curls are fake.... REAL 👏🏽RECOGNIZE 👏🏽REAL
➰: @mydevacurl
#CurlsUnMasked #DevaCurl

Churail hair, don't care 🕸
📸: @skinnywashere
➰: @mydevacurl
#CurlsUnMasked #DevaCurl

Got to witness Times Square after it was swarmed w/ desis from an Iffa Awards event. Then saw @PriyankaChopra in a larger than life hair commercial, with @kinglimaa posing in a hijab for Allure right next to her. Could've sworn I saw @jogia on a billboard too. You can say that left me feeling pretty damn inspired ✨
📸: @ck_frias

died and went to curl heaven
📍: Devachan Salon Soho
📸: @talia_music

How did I get here? Is this real life?! #CurlsUnMasked 📸: @skinnywashere ➰: @mydevacurl

Hey brown girl, you look like you had a tough week. Must be hard having so many odds against you.

You got a degree in business management? Doesn't matter. Your employees will bring up your age & gender as the reason why they don't respect you. They are becoming disgruntled & violent because your strong presence makes them feel emasculated. The car industry is filled with men who don't think you belong. Stand your ground and show them who's boss. Clearly, they don't know who they are dealing with. •
Hey brown girl, how does it feel to have one of the most objectified & policed bodies in the world? Must be tough when you get shamed for posting simple hair tutorials and harmless selfies. Even tougher when it comes from family members. When your elders scream "haram", just take a deep breath and respond with love. You've always been the trailblazer of your family. They don't truly understand what you're doing because it's so new to them. So educate them and they'll eventually come around.

Hey brown girl, why do you love with every fiber of your being? So much so that it's detrimental to your health? Is it because of all the women before you? Blame your mother and her mother before her. Then blame Anarkali, Umrao Jaan, Paro, and Kashibai. It's time to stop idolizing them. They all could have been forces of nature if they just learned to love themselves first.

Hey brown girl, I heard despite all these obstacles, you're still shining bright. Heard you are heading over to New York City right now to work with your dream company. Not that surprised, tbh. Brown girls like you are like coals - put them under pressure and they come out kohinoors 💎 #heybrowngirl #lovelettertomyself

🌿The Kit for All Curl Kind Giveaway🌿
* WINNERS: @ginabell_18 + @maggiescurlylife + @ezglam

There will be 3 winners in total.
Giveaway is International!
Contest begins July 6th & ends July 16th.
Three winners will be chosen at random. •

🌱Must be following @spisha & @mydevacurl
🌱Like this photo. 🌱Tag two curl friends.
🍃(optional) repost this image as an additional entry with #spishagiveaway & tag @spisha. •

Kit includes 3oz each of the following:
🌿No-Poo Original
🌿One Condition Original
🌿Styling Cream
🌿Light Defining Gel

I want to wish *extra* good luck to my international followers (Brazil, France, India - I see you!) I know it's hard for you all to get access to DevaCurl, so I'm secretly hoping all my winners are curly girls that don't reside in the USA ✌🏽😂

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Nobody parties harder on the 4th of July than an immigrant 🇺🇸😜 Happy Independence Day! #amreeka

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After Eid prayers, my family and I went to IHOP for breakfast. Some man made an inappropriate comment about my Muslim garb and before I even had time to respond, my brothers swooped in to my rescue. They demanded an apology. The man said sorry & secretly paid our family's bill (there's 11 of us 😝) - I love my little brothers & the strong gentlemen they are becoming. Their bravery made this the best Eid ever @arslanmalik #EidMubarak #Ramadan2017

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