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Psychic Jasmine 🌙✨  👁 Psychic✨ ⌛️In Home Readings 💘Love Specialist 🔮Psychic / Energy Readings 🕉Chakra Healer/Cleansings ❗️Free Consultation ❗️ 📩 DM or text for Info

Meditation is key to release negativity and to get balanced and focused to a new chapter in life! Book your session now!

Come get a reading and get clarity on the things you feel lost with, career, inner self, soulmate, any issue can be solved contact me now to have peace of mind!

Just finished a session with my client ! Contact me now don’t stay in the dark or stay negative! New year new positivity!

Root chakra singing bowl! Meditation clears out negative energy that effects us more then we think.... contact me now! #chakra #psychic #amathyst #sanfrancisco #breakup #negative #energy #psychicreading #club # divorce #qoutes #kylie #sex #crystal #single #confuses #stressed #snapchat #dalycity #horrorscope #food #meditate #cleanse #vibes #love #sf #la #ny

We often let the world & stress fill up our body with negativity, let me give you clarity & peace book your session now for a new chapter of relaxation & peace of mind.

Book a session now! Get clarity and relaxation with meditation and guidance! I use chakra bowls & also oils infused with lavender & lemon grass to help the body relax and relieve stress. Stress often takes a toll on our body and inner spirit we don’t realize it until we completely feel negative..Don’t stay in the dark come in the light and let me give you guidance clarity and relaxation.

Get a reading now! Get on the right track for 2018, stop staying in the dark and not on the right path get on the right track and be balanced ! All readings include meditations dm or text for more info!

See what the new year has in store for you don’t you keep negativity with you for the year, get centered and get peace of mind! Blockages negativity anything that’s been holding you back grudges anything that’s negative contact me and I’ll help you move forward and leave it in 2017 where it belongs get a fresh start contact me today!

Book a reading now! Often times we get caught up with stress and confusion why stay like that? Your life won’t change unless you change and sometimes we need help with change especially with our energies always being off balanced. I work to clear stress and negative energy and give clarity to confusion and life’s questions ! Book now!

Chakra balance session! If you are feeling unbalanced, lost & feel like negativity has consumed you this is the perfect way to rebalance yourself and realign yourself so you can feel positive and cleansed! #psychicreadings #chakras #meditation #sanfrancisco #sanjose #sf #oakland #ny #guidance #lifecoach #gay #sex #love #dog #gym #singlelife #single #crystals #crystalhealing #halloween

Often times we let stress of the world to us and other peoples energy and negativity get to us that’s why our body aches. That’s why so often it’s good to get balanced and to get clarity and cleansed from it so you can move forward in life without feeling like there’s a ton of bricks on your shoulder. I balance the body with crystals and meditation I cleanse the body with special detoxes and meditation as well readings also include meditation, Get a reading now and chakra session feel relaxed and get cat clarity!!

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