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#Repost @loribombardier

Adorable photos... loving all the smiles! Thanks for tagging us @loribombardier #SDA2017Nationals

Thanks for sharing these great photos with us @janetprice12 @kdnjmz And Congratulations KJ on a fantastic Nationals & becoming Improv Champ! We enjoyed watching you perform! #sda2017nationals

#Repost @mikalatourelle

Wow! Congratulations @mikalatourelle ... I'd say you had a good year! Thanks for tagging us! #SDA2017

#Repost @abii.mp3
・・・improv-able, not impossible

Love this fun pic @abii.mp3 You all did a super job improving ladies! Thanks for tagging us! #SDA2017Nationals

#Repost @kdnjmz

Wow, thank you for your kind words KJ... this is such a nice post. We always love seeing you at SDA and watching you on stage. You have such a beautiful heart. Follow your dreams! #SDA2017Nationals

#Repost @thedancecenterofdanvers

Yes, Congratulations to Charlotte! What a fantastic Nationals you had and we enjoyed watching you perform! Thanks for tagging us @thedancecenterofdanvers #SDA2017Nationals

#Repost @may_0675

Love the smiles! We're happy that you had a great "1st Nationals" experience @may_0675 and that you enjoyed the classes & improv too! Thanks for tagging us! #SDA2017Nationals

#Repost @ellie_walker621

Fun photos... gorgeous beach pic! Loved this dance too @ellie_walker621 Thanks for tagging us! #SDA2017Nationals

#Repost @sierraheppler
・・・Love you girls ❤️ #spiritofdancema

And we just love this photo! Thanks for tagging us @sierraheppler #SDA2017

#Repost @steph__kane

A beautiful dance... loved it! This is a great photo too @steph__kane Thanks for tagging us! #sda2017nationals

#Repost @nspac・・・Loving the daily adventures of @madstagram.s She received a scholarship to @dancehst when she competed @spiritofdancema She's spending several weeks at the Hollywood Summer Tour, an invite only intensive for advanced dancers who are serious about dance. Super proud of our kids when they reach beyond the studio. #nspac #nspacipswich #northshorema #northshorekids

Enjoy every minute of your HST experience @madstagram.s ! Thanks so much for tagging us so that we could see this @nspac #sda2017

#Repost @marycatecassidy
・・・Had so much fun at spirit of dance this weekend! It was such a fun experience and I can't wait to go back! @spiritofdancema #improvchallenge

We're so glad you had a good time @marycatecassidy You danced beautifully and we enjoyed watching you! #sda2017nationals

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