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༻༻Ɛνєηтєя༺༻Iяєℓαη∂༺  ༻Stay Strong༺ ༻Stay True༺ ༻Stay You༺ HELP Benny’s recovery below with go fund me link #prayforbenny and keep him in your positive thoughts 💔

Boo having a play around a few weeks back😭 so sad to think I will never jump this horse again 😓 he’s doing well in himself, we are still no closer to finding out what’s going on with him .... it’s driving me mad ... first we can see the tare... now it’s disappeared .... crazy

My beautiful boy ❤️ heading up to featherd equine hospital with him today ❤️ do you think I should do a live video or Q&A?

Benny flying through the water at Kilquilicky❤️ so some good news out of such a crazy time.

The swelling in Benny’s leg has come way way down a full week ahead of what we thought it would!
I spent 13 hours + a day Friday, sat and sun iceing and hozing and repeat, repeat , repeat.

But all the hard work as payed off 😍 and we are so happy with how it’s looking we feel we can scan the tendon now.
Guys thank you so much for all of your support I will never be able to thank ye all enough ❤️anyone who can even as much as share the link I to his go fund me I will be forever grateful ❤️ thank you so much ❤️

My handsome boy ❤️ I have been so overwhelmed at the amount of support that has shot from all Angles ❤️ and I’m so sorry that I haven’t been able to respond to every message I will try my best ❤️❤️ and thank you so much to all every one of ye that shared the post, for every donation and even for those who are giving worlds of wisdom and fighting my corner thank you everyone ❤️

The dye is now cast and togeatger we stand strong divided we fall.

Anyone who even as much as shares this I will keep in my heart forever, it’s going to be a tough few weeks but fingers crossed my boy is a fighter ❤️ #prayforbenny ( link in bio too ❤️)

Guys I’m so overwhelmed by the amount of support, recovery stories and love to my poor boo ❤️
it has been a whirlwind of a couple of days and my head still hasn’t stopped spinning.

100s of people have suggested that I start a go fund me page ... I’m not 100% sure how I feel about doing something like that... but with no other options I’m not sure what else I can do😭
all I want to do is do right for my boy who has given me his heart and his best everyday for the last 4 years, anyone who knows me will tell you horses are my life and it’s killing me from the inside out to not be able to give him what he needs myself, but in truth after my dads stroke a few years ago and a multitude of other things in my life I still owe to the bank and cannot get anymore Loans.

But rather then just going out and setting up a go fund me, id like to see what ye all think first, as I’m slowly realizing for the first time ever how much support and loyalty I have with all of you and I how much I trust every single one of you to help me make the right choice❤️ So to the go fund me page 👍🏻or 👎🏻?

Guys I don’t know what to do Benny’s treatment is going to cost so much 💔😭 I want to give him the best treatment possible I just don’t know how I can do it for him💔
it’s tearing my heart apart to know that I can’t afford to give him what he deserves.
Right now he’s starting treatment but I have no idea what’s going to happen after that 😭
I just don’t know what to do 😓
Due to the circumstances I am moving the horze #love competition that finished tomorrow to next Friday to allow me to pick a winner properly and when there’s not so much flying around my head, so I can concentrate on boo and his recovery.
I normally don’t pour out my feelings publicly but I feel you guys have been so loyal to me and my horses over the years ye deserve to know what’s going on.
If anyone has been through similar situations or has any idea how they got through it I would love if you got in touch❤️ any suggestions are welcome
Thank you so so so much for all your kind words it helps so much knowing how loved he is ❤️

Bad news.... Benny has torn his deep flexer ... we are not sure how far up it’s gone but either way I’m making the tough but right decision to retire him from 2* competition.

It’s looking a few ways but we can’t tell in the early days. - worst case he will never have any quality of life and will need to be put down 😭 - he will go into new role of automatic lawn mower and retire in peace where spirit will join him in time. - we may be able to do some dressage, with a lot of care and time.

I’ve been told it could of been like a fraying rope and gone over time or it could of just tore out walking (we had just went for a forest walk the day it happened)
Benny is also getting the absolute best treatment in the world and is not in any pain right now, he will come first at every step.
Please continue to keep him in your positive thoughts❤️ I’m sorry that time not able to reply to all the comments but if you leave a comment I will read them all, I have a lot more then Benny stuff going on in my life now and might take a break from Insta for a while 💔

My poor boy isn’t good at all 😢😭 we think it’s his front suspensory😭 I’m on the way to the amazing vets at ballybrown equine clinic now 😭😢
keep him in your positive thoughts guys please ❤️( thank you in advance ❤️I will keep ye all updated as soon as I know more ❤️)

Benny’s lame ....no idea... why here we go again

Comment 🦄🦄 if you own your own horse or pony or comment ❤️❤️ if you Lease/loan/ride in a School

It’s official my horse is a stunning creature 😍🙈 guys check out my latestes YouTube video to get details on how to win a @horze_equestrian Rohan bridal 😍 it’s very like the one here but the noes band is patent 😍😵 The link to the video is in my bio ✨🦄 How cute does Benny look in all the horse blue gear 😍

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