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A few days ago I went to @hiatusspa for a massage & went in feeling SO TENSE but left with a relaxed mind and body #zenaf
Something that I have to remind myself constantly is to give my body REST and practice SELF CARE! The fact is that most of y’all train extremely tough and focus a lot on the workout side of things (which is awesome!) but when we start to get injured or feel fatigue, rarely do we ever equate that to not enough rest time. We blame it on age, on our diets, or just make excuses in general 🤷🏼‍♀️ Granted it could be for those reasons but most of the time it’s that we’re not allowing our bodies to CHILLLL. Your muscles need time to heal in order to build & transform and a massage is a nice little treat to give yourself for all that hard work, don’t you think?

What do you do to practice self care?

Hands down one of my FAVORITE smoothies in Austin is the Green Monster from @souppeddler 👏👏👏 To keep things Paleo, I swap the PB for AB & chug that thing down like there’s no tomorrow (ain’t nothing dainty about it)

Have y’all heard of @fittcity yet? They’re my go-to whenever I’m traveling to check out the best healthy eats & workouts that city has to offer! 👉 Check out their article on “The Best Juice Shops in Austin” which features my buddies @souppeddler & other recs 🙌 What’s your FAVORITE smoothie & where’s it from? Comment below!
#fittaustin #fittcity

It's a new week and what better way to start it off than with a HIIT workout inspired by @playtex sport! They're encouraging women to #PlayOn through their periods and to me, the best way to stay on your game is a sweaty HIIT session. It can be challenging to get to the gym when you're not feeling your best. Take 45 minutes to complete this workout and you'll be glad you did! When you finish it, make sure to tag me @spinsyddy & @playtex with the #PlayOn #ad
FULL WORKOUT ON THR BLOG! (Link in bio) 📸 @shellyborga 🏋🏼‍♀️: @athleticoutcomes

My favorite view 😍 I’m all stocked up on real foods and ready to take on the week! These are foods you will ALWAYS find in my kitchen & underneath it all are some nice chocolate bars because I like balance & chocolate 👍 One of the biggest things I’ve learned about living a healthy lifestyle is that you need to fuel your body (real foods & balanced meals) but also realize that this is a LIFESTYLE & it’s not something that happens over night nor should you be restricting yourself from certain things. I know that I need to fuel my body properly so I can workout right and feel good and I also know that for my sanity, sometimes I need some flipping chocolate. Treat your body good ✌️

Saturday night and I’m sharing a recent HIIT workout I did that absolutely demolished me... needless to say I had to share it! Save it, try it, and tag me when you do! PS. Post workout recovery is KEY so if I know I won’t have access to a real mea within an hour afterwards, I always make sure to pack a shake 👉 this one had 2tsp Spirulina Powder + @primalkitchenfoods Collagen Fuel + 1TBS chia seeds + Water & Shake It UPPP 👏

60 Seconds Each Exercise
Complete back to back (5 min set)
30-60 sec rest
Repeat 6X

FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY 🙌 Who’s as excited as I am for the weekend?! It’s been a lonngggg week - I feel like I always say that - but I really mean it this time 😉 Living for the weekend because I’m hitting the hay, getting my beauty rest, and waking up bright and early to start my weekend the best way I know how... with a sweaty workout! 📸 @shellyborga

Another year another Valentines Day - I feel like it’s one of those holidays that you really see the best and the worst of people. Either you have your over the top acts of love or the single people complaining in the corner. For me, it’s pretty much a day I choose to celebrate the ones I care about - whether that be my bffs, family members, or that significant other that’s somewhere on planet Earth - if you want to be extreme and over the top, cool! If you like to keep things low key, also cool! But whatever you do and whoever you share it with, make sure they know how extremely special and AWESOME they make your life because life is too short not to and we get at least these 24 hours to make em feel all warm and fuzzy inside 🖤

PS. @juicesociety has healthy vegan chocolate treats like truffle balls & cake TODAY ONLY! I just might be stopping by before EOD bc #treatyoself 📸 @shellyborga

Happy (almost) hump day 👏 My 2018 goal is to get STRONG AF and the only way to do that is to lift heavy things... can’t say this is my best but it’s what my body was working with after vacay 👉 165lbs
Lifting is something a lot of ladies steer clear from bc of the “bulk” but I’m not the first person to come on here and preach how great lifting is for you & I won’t be the last BUT i can say from experience and trying just about every form of workout there is... nothing has changed my body and mindset for the better like lifting has. —
Thanks for being my cheerleader @katicane 😘

On that note, goodnight and see y’all tomorrow!

A few of y’all liked my #yolkporn lunch from the other day & I can’t blame you because a fried egg on anything IS. MY. JAM. 👏 I mean... look at that thing 🤤 TBH this lunch has been on repeat for the past week and came about because of some hodge podge produce in my fridge that was going bad.
It’s full of good fats, protein, greens, probiotics, and CARBS 🙌 <— great for post workout to replenish those muscles or morning Kickstarter to keep your energy 🆙
- Cruciferous Crunch from @traderjoes sautéed in spices + Coco Aminos - Steamed Sweet Potato
- Roasted Broccoli
- Sauerkraut from @traderjoes (My new obsession... full of probiotics, vitamins C & K, & Fiber)
- Fried Egg (or two if you’re feeling frisky)

I don’t count macros, I don’t watch calories, I just eat REAL foods and try my best to make them REAL tasty 😘

#eattherainbow #eatrealfood

Boy oh boy ATX you sure know how to push my buttons with this weather!!! I set a goal to run 3 miles ~at least~ 4X a week... 1. Because I actually do enjoy running (sometimes) 👍 2. Because my endurance is sh*t since being back 🤦🏼‍♀️ and 3. Because THAT CITY VIEW is my JAM 😍 Can we get back to normal weather now?

It has been a nice little wake up call being back in the gym after a week of straight up chilling while on vacation and let me tell ya... my body is FEELING IT 😅 We spend days, months, years, in the gym to reach certain goals that it’s amazing how little time it takes to lose that momentum. Tbh I’m struggling to find motivation because of how frustrated I am that I can’t lift as heavy or push as hard ~with ease~ like I could a few weeks ago.
I find myself wanting to RUSH back into things and feeling frustrated because of it... but what’s the rush?
Healthy living is a lifestyle and those kinds of things can’t and shouldn’t be rushed. Every so often it’s healthy to take a step back “from the grind” and enjoy life. I workout because it honestly just makes me feel really frkn good.
So right now, although workouts aren’t exactly where I want them to be and my bod ain’t at its prime, I know I’ll get back into it with time and some good ol’ 🍑 kicking in the gym.
Why do you workout?

What's up y'all, I've partnered with @playtexsport to encourage women to #PlayOn through their periods. I'm at the UT Women's Basketball game where the @PlaytexSport Smart Vending machine is located and sharing with y'all my best sport advice 👉 The biggest obstacle is the one your mind puts in front of you. Remind yourself your body was made to move so dang it, just move!
Now, I've shared my advice but I want to know YOUR best sports advice. If you can't make the game, share your advice on Instagram with #PlayOn and tag @playtexsport OR leave a comment below and tag a friend who motivates you! Select users will receive their own box of Playtex® Sport® Compact tampons and gear designed to keep you in the game 🙌 #ad

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