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gun sounds and vietnam  i would prefer not to

i need a hug

this employee at subway complimented my metallica beanie but then i noticed they had an SS tattoo and i was like oooooohhh nvm

i love it when hot fryer oil splashes all over my arms at work


flap flaps

i can go through kodiak community college to get my ged, right? i just don’t want to call and have them tell me no or some bs lmao

he’s gonna be pissed off at me for a week like last year but he’ll enjoy ak so it’s worth it ♥️

takin tiger with me to ak so i called the vet to see if he needed any shots beforehand and they fucking tell me that this fat piece of shit is listed as “deceased” and everything was signed AND PAID for him to get cremated. i was able to just get him in as a new patient, i just don’t understand how you can mix something up like that. i mean how many cats under “tiger wolfe” with a 907 number come in, in ARIZONA at that exact clinic. so idk it’s just fucking weird and i can’t believer it

shrimp friends 🦐

day by day

need advice for moving out of state. i’m looking to leave for roseburg or eugene late may, early june. i already got some money save and talked to my family in rb about sending my stuff to hold for a week or two. but now there’s other things i need to figure out but kind of need advice with it

i don’t do anything but work and sleep my life away when i have days off. i wanna do something but nothing seems interesting and the next person who tells me to a read a book is getting one thrown at their face.
not broke for once so i’m not too limited on what i can do, i just don’t know what

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