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Dylan Meyer  It's good to give up.

Mom was a total Betty.

Today is my oldest and dearest friend @jjeniaa’s birthday. Jenia is my family. She’s put up with me since I was 14. We’ve traveled through at least 15 states together and probably 10 countries as well. We outran hurricane Katrina. If I was on the lam for overestimating how easy robbing a bank might be, Jenia’s is the house I’d show up at. Now she’s doing an incredible job of taking care of an actual child, not just me, and Im just so fucking happy and grateful this wonderful, surprising, special person was born - happy goddamn birthday wifey.


Love triangle.

Back in the arms of the one I 🖤. Thanks 📸 @chloewestx

Tokyo, you’re weird, wild, and wonderful and I wish I never had to leave. ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 Special thanks to @alexfreaker @evanlouisweiss And @jennernugen among many others whose invaluable advice that made this trip the blast it was.


Friends and enemies at the Nara deer park.

Some beautiful things.

We went full japan. Ask us about our niche tour guide “Hospitals of Kyoto” but also know that we are fine and back on track!

Ask us how many hospitals in japan we’ve been to. Just ask.

Stop me. 📸 by @charley__feldman

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